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Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads   2018-02-16

Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads

Yes! Another Delicious game! You have seen Emily’s previous culinary adventures in games like Delicious: Emily’s Miracle of LifeDelicious: Emily’s Christmas CarolDelicious: Emily’s Honeymoon CruiseDelicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding, and many many more. Now, you get to play another chapter from Emily’s family of deliciousness in Delicious: Emily’s Moms vs Dads Collector’s EditionAs with all previous editions, this one has that unique family-friendly feel that brings fun to the kitchen. If you are previously unfamiliar with Emily and her little family, then you are missing out, but this is a great place to start. Hop in on the fun today! This is from perhaps one of the best lines of Time Management casual computer games out there. In Delicious: Emily’s Moms vs Dads Collector Edition, Emily and her husband will face off in a kichenry contest with their other parent friends. How much fun! You have seen Emily and Patrick’s wedding, honeymoon, and the birth of their child. Now you get to see them face off to determine who the best cook is! What a cute concept for a time management game.

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Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend   2018-02-16

Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend

We need a new hero! Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend is a recently released match-three game where you get to match tiles on the board and save Olympus from destruction! It is a chain type match-three game with a lot of activities to offer on your way to victory. Olympus is under attack (aren't they supposed to be gods in there and aren't gods supposed to be stronger than anyone and anything else) and you become the one who stands up to the enemy. I know...I know...enough with the story, tell us about the gameplay! Well, there isn't much more to the story anyway. The game can be played in Timed or Untimed mode. The timed mode obviously requires better skills and strategies. The game allows you to unlock 15 bonus levels to keep the fun going. and to keep the challenge up you can earn 12 achievements.

Cubis Kingdoms    2018-02-16

Cubis Kingdoms

There is a new release in the Cubis series! Cubis Kingdoms Collector's Edition is a delightful puzzle and match-3 challenge for the fans of this genre! The Collector's Edition offers quite a few perks to make the game worth the money, but you want to check it out for yourself first! The game is not the one you play while sipping your coffee and talking to your coworker. It is the one that keeps you on your toes concentrated on the board you are playing. Your moves are limited and every one of them counts! No pressure, no pressure... but you better have a strategy before you make another move.

Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger   2018-02-16

Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger

Mariaglorum gave us an entertaining way to start the weekend. This new release, Mystery of the Ancients: Black Dagger Collector's Edition is a fun and busy hidden object puzzle adventure game. There is a lot of work for you to do to save the day once again. Prepare to travel through time and dimensions! You get a call to come and help a police station under attack. They say that the attacker had supernatural strength and you might be the person to be able to find all the answers and fight the enemy. The story is not new - you are fighting the Dark Lord - but it is put together in a unique way. You get back to the medieval times to learn all the connections and links. And you travel to a different dimension because of the supernatural character of the matter.

Jewel Match Solitaire: L'Amour   2018-02-03

Jewel Match Solitaire: L'Amour

Are you ready for the most romantic game of solitaire that you've ever played! The perfect game for the introvert who loves romance and cards, but does not want all the drama of a real relationship. In all seriousness, though, this really is a fun and challenging game with beautiful and charming art and scenery. It's much more than your standard desktop solitaire card games; L'Amour is definitely worth the buy. The mystical world of Jewel Match has much to offer. This solitaire game is absolutely charming and has plenty of games to keep you busy for hours on end. There are beautiful graphics for you that you simply won't find elsewhere. For about the cost of a good deck of cards (which, will eventually wear out), you will be able to play this card game over and over and over again... and there are even FIFTY mahjong levels which are replayable time and time again. Talk about bang for your buck!

The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan   2018-02-03

The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan

As America's roaring 20s were coming to a close and the Great Depression was on the brink, something wildly different was happening across the ocean. Sure, the political situation was tough and intense, but something more mystical was lying behind the scenes in Italy. The Roman Pantheon of old was misbehaving and The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan Collector's Edition takes you back there to stand up to them. This game hails from the creative geniuses at the Poland-based Artifex Mundi. With a name like "Mundi," this Ancient Roman game has got to be good! If you are familiar with some of their other games, such as Noir Chronicles and endless fables, then you know what kind of creativity they bring to the table. If not, then you are about to be exposed to something completely different than what you have seen in other Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Games.

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