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Lost Lands: Ice Spell    2017-09-17

Lost Lands: Ice Spell

Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition is a new adventure for the hidden object puzzle adventure genre fans. While we enjoy the cooler weather, the lost lands are in the deep cold of winter. Join Susan on this journey in search of the warmth! If you played any of the games from the Lost Lands series, you know that Susan. This time, she is back in the lost lands world to help Maaron, the Alchemist Mage, and the citizens get back to their normal life. Lucy, I mean, Susan gets transported (in her pajamas again) through a portal to see that everyone is doing their best to stay warm. While the elders think that the spirit of the Frozen Mountain is to blame for this, she digs deeper to find out that the answer lies in the ancient past of the Lost Lands.

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Cursed House 4   2017-09-17

Cursed House 4

Cursed House 4 is a new addition to the Cursed House series that has been around for a while. It is a cute and fun match-3 series. This new release is about a mansion that desperately needs your help to get back to its former beauty. A horde of evil spirits has occupied this beautiful house and totally destroyed it. They turned it into ruins and they only obey an ancient amulet. The amulet is powerless at this point and needs to be recharged with a whole lot of coins. This is where you step in as a match-3 master that you are! You collect the coins by matching tiles on boards. The game is not one of the easy ones. You really need to try and come up with a strategy for some levels.

Antique Shop: Lost Gems London   2017-09-13

Antique Shop: Lost Gems London

Antique Shop: Lost Gems London is a sequel to a previous game that took place in Egypt. This series is particularly different from many other match-3 games. Matching three or more tiles incorporates puzzles and requires a strategy. One of the unique features of the game is its steam punk style that will appeal to the sci-fi fans. This game offers a continuation of a story about Emily that got trapped in a book. You are going to use your match 3 board to get the power over the evil that captivated Emily. It means that you are going to travel to different locations in London and play a level or two there to clear it from the evil force.

Dawn of Hope: Daughter of Thunder   2017-09-12

Dawn of Hope: Daughter of Thunder

Dawn of Hope: Daughter of Thunder Collector's Edition is the second game in the post-apocalyptic game series, Dawn of Hope. This new release is full of challenges and unexpected turns of the story. It is a great hidden object puzzle adventure series and the new game is proof of that. So, in the post-apocalyptic world of Down of Hope, you play as Astrid (what a coincidence if you know what I mean) this time. And there is a lot going on. You and your sister are trying to escape a huge storm that destroys everything on its way. It is in this chaos, you find out that your sister has a supernatural power to control lightning. And when you use a special amulet from your destroyed house, this power is even stronger.

Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows   2017-09-11

Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows

The Sable Maze series has just been updated with a new addition, Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows Collector's Edition. It is one of the dark hidden object puzzle adventure games. This one has a good story and your typical CE extras. It is worth a look for those who loved the previous games from the series. Sable Maze: Nightmare Shadows Collector's Edition is a game that takes you all the way back to the deepest memories of Mr. Reynell, whom you might know from the previous releases. You play as him trying to face his biggest fears in the nightmares that he's having. Being trapped in a nightmare, you are forced to travel back in time to relive some tragic events of the past that are so painful that your mind was trying to suppress them. The nightmare world is full of shadow beings that are controlled by a Shadow Man that is after you.

Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire   2017-09-07

Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire

Maidens of the Ocean Solitaire is a wonderful solitaire game in the depths of the ocean. As the fall is around the corner for us, you get to have your last swim in the deep waters and the mermaids get to the party. Quite a few solitaire levels await you in this newly released game. Apparently, there is a time of the year when all the mermaids set out to an aquatic party from all parts of the ocean. It takes quite a while to get to that event. The adventure takes you to 12 different locations before you can get to the party. And you don't want to be late for such a big underwater event. The audiovisual presentation is very nice with a lot of underwater related sounds and details. You get to play 120 solitaire levels before you reach your destination. 

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