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PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes   2014-09-01

PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes

In this 6th installment of the Puppet Show hidden object puzzle adventure series, you travel to Paris in 1888 to investigate some mysterious disappearances. Women have been getting struck by lightning bolts and are turning into puppets. Creepy little puppets, I might add! If you’ve played the other five, then you know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t then there’s no need to worry. You can play this sixth one PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes and be ok even without the long backstory. You go around Paris solving little puzzles. There are lots of hidden object minigames that are pretty easy. I like this one game on there that involves ringing little bells in a tree and there’s a cool minigame in a fish tank that’s challenging.


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Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town   2014-08-31

Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town

Here’s a cool hidden object puzzle adventure game - Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Collector's Edition. You are a new sheriff in a small town somewhere in the MidWest and things aren’t quite right. The weather’s funky, people are dying off left and right, and we’ve got a ghost infestation to deal with. You and your deputy are responsible for figuring out what’s going on here, and hopefully restore peace to this town that’s starting to fall apart. It has a real Hollywood feel to it. There’s lots of mid-century furniture and even a classic cork board with pictures and strings and pushpins like you see in the cool detective movies. Fingerprint games, zippo lighters, it’s really cool!

Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle   2014-08-29

Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle

Set in modern-day England, the Flatsbury family decides to live in a haunted Gothic castle, until catastrophe strikes. You play the role of Ms. Gale, who is on the search to find out just what happened to Lord Flatsbury. In the beginning, all you have is Jessie Flatsbury, his daughter, but she’s too cold and freaked out to talk. Put together clues and puzzles, talk to ghosts, and learn about the house’s history to figure out just what happened out there. Fun hidden object puzzle adventure game. There are mini-games, collectables, hidden objects, etc. My favorite is the little lock-picking game, where you have to stick in a little hook and jiggle the springs to line up just right. The art was not a disappointment. Good blend of colors to keep it creepy without being too cheesy.

Witches' Legacy: The Ties That Bind   2014-08-25

Witches' Legacy: The Ties That Bind

Witches' Legacy: The Ties That Bind Collector's Edition is yet another story in the Witches' Legacy series. There's an unextected adventure prepared for you in this new thrilling hidden object puzzle adventure game! Your daughter Lynn is about to get married. Everything seems to be going well and even perfect until you find out that her beloved has gone missing. He got a message asking him to come to his birthplace to get more information about his past. As a witch hunter he was thought he was prepared for anything that might await for him over there, but now it seems that he needs your help.

Mayan Prophecies: Blood Moon   2014-08-24

Mayan Prophecies: Blood Moon

Hipster alert! The first thing about this game to grab my attention was “Mayan Prophecies,” which is so pre-2012. Mayan Prophecies: Blood Moon is ironic because of the whole Mayan thing, but it is still worthy to be noticed tand played as a great hidden object puzzle adventure game. As to the story if the game, there’s this crazy thing about a mysterious man turning people into jaguars. You’re working with the U.S. Coast Guard to stop him. The perfect amount of cheesiness! I really like the story and it has these little movies with graphics that are totally not lame. Most of the scenes are very bright and colorful.

Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony   2014-08-22

Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony

Witch hunting is always fun. This is a standard hidden objects mystery game with less drama and storyline and more puzzle time. If you’re a huge fan of the complicated stories, then this one might not be for you, but there is a bit of a pyramid effect of things being bigger than they seem at first. The minigames are cute. They’ve got the standard hidden object thing going on, as well as some matching and rearranging stuff. They even have a tic-tac-toe game (adorable!). There are some objects to collect and use to move you along in the level, so it’s pretty interesting even if it lacks a real story. The music is delightful. The soundtrack to the triangle matching game would be cool to play as you do chores around the house.

TwoDots   2014-08-20


TwoDots is one of those super simple games with very simple but cute graphics and addictive game play. In this fun connect-the-dots game, you have an objective to connect a certain amount of dots of different colors in a certain amount of moves. After you connect them, they disappear and the dots about them fall down to fill in the gaps and new dots come down from above (see screenshot). Sometimes a level will have some blank spots to add an extra little challenge. You get five lives, which you lose if you fail a level. There are 85 levels which spread out on a cool map over a few different worlds. This is an addicting little game that will make you think.

Amaranthine Voyage: The Shadow of Torment Collector's Edition   2014-08-17

Amaranthine Voyage: The Shadow of Torment Collector's Edition

This third installment of the Amaranthine Voyage series has you on a quest to save earth from a fate similar to that which the planet, Anther, faced years ago when a monster called, Torment, arrived and drained its magic and forced people to flee to earth as refugees. This Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game has you jumping back and forth between earth and Anther to stop Torment in accordance with an ancient prophecy. The graphics are weird. Imagine a combination of ancient Athens, dieselpunk, floating islands, the smoke monster from Lost, the weird light-thingies that turned into rock-monsters in the Noah movie (totally not biblical, by the way), Indiana Jones, the Garden of Eden, and the Elf Land from Lord of the Rings.

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