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Board games

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WindowsPC Game

Mahjong Escape   2007-04-20

Mahjong Escape

It is a wonderful puzzle based on the ancient Chinese game. Excellent styling, challenging tasks, and quality soundtrack - all these points are marking this game a stand-out of line of different Mahjongs.  The game offers you to travel through all  historical epochs and even get a small souvenir from each of them!  The point is to clean the board by matching the identical tiles in limited time. 

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WindowsPC Game

Solitaire Pop    2007-03-09

Solitaire Pop

Solitaire Pop is a classical card game that looks like archeological quest with lots of adventures and ancient-world rarities. Developed by Say Design, the game challenges players to search 5 exotic dig sites for ancient artifacts. To make the excavating expedition successful and to collect all artifacts shard by shard, the player has to create solitaire hands, i.e to collect stacks of playing cards in increasingly sequential order.

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WindowsPC Game

Mahjong Towers Eternity   2006-10-03

Mahjong Towers Eternity

Mahjong is a matching board game originating from the Ancient China. The point of the game is to strip down the pyramid of tiles. By clicking on two identical tiles you cause them to disappear. After the last couple of tiles is removed from the playing field, you complete a level. Mahjong Towers Eternity is one of the most popular Mahjong versions.

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WindowsPC Game

Sudoku Pagoda   2006-09-20

Sudoku Pagoda

Sudoku Pagoda is a classical example of Sudoku puzzle game so far available for WindowsPC and MacOS. This is a computer version of the Ancient Japanese puzzle with the same rules. The point is to fill the grid consisting of empty cells with numbers 1 through 9 so each digit should only be used once at each row and column.

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Mobile Games

UNO Щ & Friends   2016-02-16

UNO Щ & Friends

The classic card game of Uno is back in another electronic form! This modern take on a classic will have you playing for hours on end with nifty little graphics as you apply the age-old strategies. There is an addicting new Career Mode that lets the player advance through different levels in six different countries. There are even mini games available. If you have never played this awesome game, then don’t worry, this electronic version is a good way to get acquainted with the wonderful world of Uno. The basic goal is to get rid of all of your cards. The cards will have a color and a number on them. You can play a card of the same number or color as the previous card. It is pretty simple, but wildly fun and addicting!

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Online Game

World Class Casino   2015-03-17

World Class Casino

Welcome to World Class Casino: Slots & Poker, the place for free, premium casino-style slots and tons of poker games. These slot machines have realistic gameplay and tons of bonuses. You'll find Pick'Em bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, Free Spin Games, Stacked & Expanding Wilds, Big Wins and more! Compete with other players for even bigger pots. Scratch your ticket for the chance to win coins every day. Or, choose from 5 different styles of poker in the Poker Room. New slots and new games show up all the time, so check back often! Play World Class Casino: Slots & Poker today!

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