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WindowsPC Game

Top-Notch Arcades   2007-01-03

Top-Notch Arcades

Time to review the most dynamic and crazy-paced games that make your brain and fingers work. We're talking about arcade games. Compared to puzzles and strategies, arcade games have not seen such a great boom in 2006. Just like a year ago, in the latest Luxor you would create color matches of multicolored balls and smash them. Yet game graphics, ingame physics have seen tremendous changes. So, why not gazing at the best of arcades and seeing what was new about these games in 2006?

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WindowsPC Game

Tango-paced Success Stories   2006-12-28

Tango-paced Success Stories

In terms of so-called micromanagement, or restaurant games, 2006 was even more fruitful. Many developers produced a number of diner-dash-like titles based on the same scheme: they created new graphics and characters, while game play basics remained untouched. A title character (yep, that's a rare type of casual games with a live character!) is to accept and fulfill customers' orders to make customers happy at a time limit.

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WindowsPC Game

Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition    2006-12-22

Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition

Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition is a long-expected sequel to the Anti-chicken arcade odyssey. The point of the game is to fight intergalacitc chickens who intend to invade the Earth and Solar System. So, the game play basics is the same as that of the previous versions. But the game is really enhanced with multiple bonuses (hamburgers falling from the sky above on your head, chicken acrobatics and amazing video-effects. System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, PentiumII 450 MHz, 64MB RAM, DirectX v7.0

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WindowsPC Game

Eets   2006-11-24


This game developed by Klei Entertainment, Inc. combines both puzzle and a quest. An amusing little creature has been traveling around the globe gathering puzzle pieces. Each level is split into two parts: first you are to place useful items on the eets' way before the level begins and then, as you start the game, you are to lead eets from one part of the playfield to another. 

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WindowsPC Game

Pirate Poppers   2006-10-25

Pirate Poppers

Pirate Poppers is a mix of ball-shooting arcade and puzzle. The task is to shoot out the multicolored balls running along the labyrinth. Once three or more balls of the same color are clustered together, they will explode and disappear. So the point is to remove all the balls from the playing field before they reach the end of their way. The game contains several difficulty levels and trains player's logic attention.

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WindowsPC Game

Turtle Odyssey   2006-10-18

Turtle Odyssey

Turtle Odyssey is a quality adventure game. This is a title of Super Mario kind that suits players at any age. As every adventure game, it has rather interesting plot. Its title character, Ozzy the Turtle  is to go through a number of episodes in the undersea world in order to reach the temple and bring there back the stolen talismans.    

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