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Mobile Games

Inside Out Thought Bubbles   2015-07-10

 Inside Out Thought Bubbles

From Disney Mobile Games, the creators of Where’s My Water, and the smash hit, Frozen Free Fall, comes a new mobile app game that’s based off of the new animated film, Inside Out. Inside Out Thought Bubblesis an interesting twist on traditional bubble-shooter games that uses characters and concepts from the Inside Out franchise. This game is such a hit that it’s already available in nine different languages. There are 125 levels with 4 different game types, so it’s sure to keep you busy for hours on end. With a name like Disney, it’s got to be good! If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry this won’t be a spoiler. Inside Out takes you into the mind of a pre-teen girl. Inside her head there are five different emotions that are embodied in tiny workers that push buttons on a giant board in her head.

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Mobile Games

The Pooches   2015-07-05

The Pooches

The Pooches is a game based on the popular kids' cartoon series by the same name. If you are looking for a high-quality, kid-friendly group of games for your Pooches fan, then look no further. This collection of entertaining games lives up to the quality standard that the Pooches franchise has set forth. If it's got "The Pooches" name on it, then you know you are getting the good stuff. The collection includes "Soccer," which is a cute little 3D game based on the world's most popular sport. "Kitchen Clean-up" is a mini game that just might even encourage some good habbits in your children's lives. "Letter Scramble" is an educational game that will help them learn spelling. And, there's even a foreign language mode you can put on to encourage your child to learn another language!

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Mobile Games

Monument Valley   2015-05-24

Monument Valley

If you're into trippy, weird, and wacky, then Monument Valley just might be the game for you! Up is down and contywhompus is counterclockwise in this puzzling adventure that will keep your gears grinding in all directions for hours. M.C. Escher ain't got nothing on the art in this game. Monument Valley takes place in some kind of wonder world where you control this borderline-creepy looking dunce cap man named Ida onto a platform at the end of each stage.

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Mobile Games

Words On Tour   2015-05-08

Words On Tour

Word game fans, beware! Another addiction has drawn nigh and is ready to suck you in. Words On Tour is to word games what Monopoly is to board games. This is sure to be the thing that will keep you busy on your phone as you wait in line, or in the bathroom, wherever it is that you play (preferably not while you drive, but hey, whatever floats your boat). This game is from the same makers as Words With Friends, so if you’ve played that one, then you know what kind of high quality you will be getting yourself into. 

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Mobile Games

Temple Run 2   2015-04-27

Temple Run 2

The paradigm-shifting mobile game, Temple Run, has come out with a sequel that is going to rock the world! Temple Run 2 is Imangi Studios’ revamp of the famous running game has you continuously running through a bunch of different obstacles trying to get the highest score that you possibly can before you die. And, yes, you will die. But, you get to come back again and again to score more and more points. If you liked the first Temple Run, then you’ll really love this one. If you haven’t played the first version, then don’t.

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Online Game

Family Relic - Lost Key   2015-04-15

Family Relic - Lost Key

Find the lost key!

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