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WindowsPC Game

City of Fools   2012-06-21

City of Fools

As they say, while intelligent people think, stupid ones are breeding.However, even if you meet fools every day, it's not a reason to be sad. Just the opposite! Laugh at the silly characters as you complete absurd tasks in City of Fools, a hilarious Hidden Object Adventure game. A newspaper journalist, you are sent to a small town of Tundel.


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WindowsPC Game

The Legend of the Golden Tome   2010-11-11

The Legend of the Golden Tome

The Legend of the Golden Tome is a combination of match 3 and hidden object game. The Golden Tome is a magic book written by the druids and hidden by six of them in the cave. And only a chosen one can find it and open it. It is a special destiny to protect and use the Golden Tome. So you have to prove that you can manage this by means of passing several challenging trials – both finding the objects and matching 3. Succeeding that will help you to find 6 crystals that are necessary for finding the book. Aidan, the druid who tells you the story, will be your guide and prompt you on your way.


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WindowsPC Game

Potion Bar   2010-03-16

Potion Bar

Potion Bar is a unique mix of time management and simulation game where you are to play the role of a bartender! Got used to ordinary bars with coffee, soft drinks and shakes? Forget about it as now magic cocktails and potions come into fashion. The game starts with you riding in a streetcar and going to have an interview somewhere in a cozy bar in the back streets of the old city. Standing near the bar you noticed that it was pitch-black inside though the windows had always been lit up before. Despite your hesitation the curiosity quickly overcame you and made you step in.

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WindowsPC Game

Amazing Heists: Dillinger   2009-09-13

Amazing Heists: Dillinger

Tired of monotonous everyday life?! Are you ready for some unbelievable adventures?! We must give a notice in advance that there haven't been any precedents for such kind of an adventure! It's improbable! You should have heard about affairs of one of the most famous criminal men of the XX century John Dillinger! With hidden object game Amazing Heists: Dillinger you will become a real gangster!

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WindowsPC Game

Ricochet Infinity   2007-08-03

Ricochet Infinity

Ricochet Infinity is the latest release by Reflexive Entertainment's. Needless to say, this is a sequel to Ricochet arkanoid game franchise. You are to bounce the ball to destroy all of the bricks or whatever it'll be through in over 200 levels. The game is full of challenges, power-ups, and options. You are to play by yourself or with your friend. There are three modes in the game: Ricochet Infinity, Episode 2: The Delta Quadrant, and Other Galactic Adventures.

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Online Game

Slingo Slots Royale   2015-01-08

Slingo Slots Royale

Play Slingo Slots Royale, a royal online game! Match kings, queens, jacks, and aces. Discover many treasures while playing!

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