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Handy GamesWelcome to the Mobile games section at Gamemile. Here you can find game downloads for iPhone, iPad, Android. Feel free to browse reviews on new Android games. Best free hidden object games for iOS, puzzles and arcades for smartphones and tables are here at your fingertips. Learn about award-winning 3D action games for iPad /iPhone, Android devices and other hendhelds.  Haven't found your favorite mobile game in our current listing? Contact us.

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Mobile Games

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town   2015-09-04

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town

How about a hidden object game for mobile devices with a really twisted story? If that sounds interesting to you, grab Hidden Objects: Twilight Town! This game is really something. You need to be really careful to pick up some clues to figure out what's trully hapenning in this town. It all begins with a desturbing letter from one of your relatives. Rushing to the town he wrote from you arrive only to learn that he died last night. The circumstances of his death were not clear. Then you receive his mension as his air as well as all his unfinished work. And the work looks like a very important investigation that probably was the reason of his sudden death. 

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Mobile Games

The Simpsons: Tapped Out   2014-08-10

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

For a quarter-century, we have allowed the Simpsons family and all of Springfield into our homes for 25 minutes of entertainment every week. This game is perfect for Simpsons fans who love simulation games! Springfield has been blown up leaving nothing but garbage and toxic waste and it is up to Homer to rebuild civilization. Collect money, donuts, friend points, and experience points as you clean, rebuild, and reunite the city and population of Springfield. The city looks just like the cartoon. The Simpson’s house (you have to put up a new hammock), Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart, Flander’s house next door… it’s all in there! 

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Mobile Games

Fitz: Match 3 Puzzle   2013-07-10

Fitz: Match 3 Puzzle

Get a lot of match 3 excitement with free and incredibly fascinating puzzle Fitz! This relaxing game will make your time fly.

Though this Match 3 puzzle is easy to learn, the game is quite challenging without being impossible. Click and swap similar items across the playfield to create chains of identical figures and unlock all the colored tiles. Every new level presents you much more perplexing grids so you’ll need all your matching experience to get through this challenge. Master your skills, discover tricks and compete with other players in multiplayer mode. Unlock all levels from within to continue your gripping adventure through the match 3 world of Fitz!


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Mobile Games

Scramble Words Puzzle   2012-09-26

Scramble Words Puzzle

The easiest and fastest way to master foreign vocabulary!

Learn foreign languages with a free word-forming game Scramble Words Puzzle! Train your brain with this incredibly fascinating puzzle which perfectly combines classic crossword basis with simple swap-and-match gameplay. 
Test you lexis and spelling skills, feel a detective and decipher new words!  Complete words simply by swapping white letters. If the word is correct all the letters change to one color. Choose any of 9 languages available in this addicting word puzzle. Scramble Words Puzzle is also a pleasant way to test your knowledge of a foreign language and learn more! Try a multiplayer mode, challenge other players and become a world champion in crossword solving!


Watch video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1gMJMeQSG8

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Mobile Games

Cinderella Classic Tale   2012-04-19

Cinderella Classic Tale

Welcome to the unbelievable and magic world of fairy-tales with Cinderella. This intriguing interactive book is based on amazing fairy tale by the French author Charles Perrault. Unexpected storyline  and awesome graphics will absolutely engross your attention! You have a unique chance to have fun with the well-liked characters but in a little bit different interpretation. Cinderella will help your children to get acquainted with the unbelievable world of literature! You can teach your kids to read with the help of our wonderful interactive book. Good-natured and beautiful Cinderella, courageous Prince, sly Stepmother and envious stepsisters – all these characters are waiting for you. Plunge into the magic world and help Cinderella to make her dreams come true. Get our wonderful interactive book and give your children hours of total fun!


Watch video

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Mobile Games

Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle   2013-07-30

Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle

Try out a brand new Fitz game with 4 startling power-ups, redesigned graphics and all new amazing match 3 levels. The new color solution makes it easier to find possible matches and brings surprising dynamics to online competitions in multiplayer mode. This free-to-play sliding puzzle is a fun and relaxing brain-teaser that appeals to kids, teens and adults. Now you can also shuffle tiles or remove all tiles of particular shape to obtain new combinations on the playfield. Bomb power-up places 3 bombs in random cells while Brush changes the color of 10 most inaccessible cells, which is a splendid way to complete the level before your rival does that or to pass most tricky levels.  Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle combines addictive tiles-swapping gameplay and incredible action due to real-time multiplayer battles.


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  1. Hidden Objects: Twilight Town
  2. The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  3. Fitz: Match 3 Puzzle
  4. Scramble Words Puzzle
  5. Cinderella Classic Tale
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