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Game Review   2007-02-08



Aqua Words - Training Verbal SkillsAqua Words - Training Verbal Skills


Solving word-puzzles is not only learning but also a joy. Solving puzzles at Hawaiian Islands is a double joy. Tropical-themed backgrounds create a favorable atmosphere for cracking word brainteasers.


So the point of Aqua Words is to link bubble letters to create bursting words.


Link bubble letters to create bursting wordsIt's much like in Bookworm, eh? But instead of funny green worm you'll meet even friendlier Aquatic.  This charming creature who seems to be born from an ocean drop gives you tips and performs lovely dances every time you create a word.


To link letters into a word, click at each letter and press a submit button. Newly created word will burst to both your and Aquatic's joy, scoring you points. The longer  the word is, the more points you earn.


Mind a bar at the right of the playing field. After each successful letters match, it's getting filled with a red substance. Once a bar is filled to the end, the level is completed.


 As you proceed through levels, you'll be rewarded with bonuses. They allow you to earn extra points doubling or even tripling the scores of burst letters.


3 game modes are available in Aqua Words.


Create words quicker than the game drops in new lettersTime mode will perfectly suit quick thinkers as it makes you play against the clock.


Strategy mode suggests no time pressure and lets you link the letters into words at your own pace. 


Arcade mode adds challenge to traditional word making: here your task is to keep the board from overflowing by creating words quicker than the game drops in new letters.


Game is good for enhancing spelling and vocabulary skills. It features easy gameplay, simple controls, friendly tropical graphics and beautiful music. Three difficulty levels make it interesting both for children and grown ups. Charming Aquatic who's a guide in this lexical quest is sure to leave no one indifferent.




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Game Review   2007-02-08


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