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Game Review   2008-01-10


Aquatic of SherwoodAquatic of Sherwood - a funny puzzle-arcade mix for Pocket PC


Some day I am thinking of creating a gallery of casual game characters, Though some industry experts believe there is no need involving a live creature in most arcade and puzzle games, when the game is about swapping bubbles/artifacts/geometricals etc. But let's face it, without a live creature accompanying a player throughout the game play, the whole process of playing would turn into mechanical clicking.


The game we're showcasing today is surely not the case, since it features a little charming bubbly creature.


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Aquatic of SherwoodOur hero is... humanlike and noble-hearted, and resides in Sherwood just like Robin Hood. But unlike the latter he's made of liquid substance, looks funny and shoots with multicolored pearls.


He's crazy about finding his lost wife and is to solve numerous bubble-matching puzzles before he reaches his purpose.


Meet Aquatic of Sherwood, one of the first games in Aquatic series developed by Realore Studios.


In order to complete a level in Aquatic of Sherwood, you are to clear the playfield filled with multicolored pearls. Shoot new pearls from the arbalest.


1. First take a look at the next pearl(on the end of the arrow), and define where to place it on the playfield to create a color match(according to the good-old law of matching, matched elements disappear from the playfield).


Aquatic of Sherwood2. Press and hold Enter or left mouse button to set the distance for your shot(it iwll be indicated in blue). When a blue line reaches the desired point, release the button - and the pearl will to the preset place.


If your shot is successful the matched pearls will vanish. If not, a couple of new lines of pearls will be added.


Note once a pearl touches the top line of the playfield, the game will be lost.


However, numerous bonuses are there to help you with the task: similarly to other color-matching games, there will be bonus pearls that can take a color of the adjacent balls.

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Game Review   2008-01-10


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This is Aquatic of Sherwood review. Download this game here.