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Game Review   2012-11-27


  Clever Keyboard is a new take on educational games for kids.



The application aims to teach kids the English alphabet. This is a playful way to help children identify letters and the corresponding sounds. In the end of the course they supposed to know letters, numbers and symbols of the virtual keyboard of an iOS device.






 There are lots of activities, which will be extremely useful for preschoolers.


There are two interactive cartoon characters on the main screen. When tapped, the Elephant and Python change their mimics. The menu is simple enough even for the smallest students with three buttons: Learning, Practice, Play.


The learning section consists of 34 levels. Every stage has a three star rating. There is a flashcard for every letter with a word, which starts with the same letter.


One of the objectives is to find a corresponding letter on the keyboard. That's how children can learn lots of additional words.

Fun animations and characters make learning really fun. If a baby taps the Little Elephant, he gets a hint. If a baby taps the Python, he can hear the pronunciation of a letter.


After finishing the every 4th stage your kids will get a sticker as a present. They can gather a collection of stickers and assemble an animated picture in the patchwork style game.


This feature resembles me of a board of achievements, but it's quite unique and customized particularly for little kids.




The Practice section is the most interesting part. There are lots of activities, which will be extremely useful for preschoolers.


A pack of ABC games has the following tasks: alphabetical order, flashcards, typing, matching, vocabulary learning, memory and match-it games.

Overall, this is one of those rare games, which really have educational and entertaining factors. It's simple and has enough features to motivate kids to learn by themselves. I was happy to try this game.


I think it's designed for kids above 3 years old and will improve their letter recognition abilities, writing and reading skills. 





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Game Review   2012-11-27


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This is Clever Keyboard: ABC Learning Game For Kids review. Download this game here.