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Game Review   2007-04-26


Making poker handsMultiplayer Championship Poker - Holdem 4.27 - Making Poker Hand on your Pocket


As the player starts the game, up to 10 players are sitting at the table, each player having 2 cards face down. A pocket round starts from betting. To add his bet to Betting menu, a player should press a bet button.


When the first betting round is completed, three community cards (called the flop) are flipped face up on the table. Then a second betting takes place. After its completion, a fourth community card (called the turn) is flipped face up on the table. To flip the fifth community card (the river) face up, the third round of betting should take place.


The point of the game is to make the best five-card poker hand.Pocket Multiplayer


To do it, the player uses his two cards together with 5 community cards that were shared as a result of betting.


The best poker hand is called a Straight Flush (the A-K-Q-J-T combination of cards of the same suit).


Here is the Ranking of other hands:


Four-of-a-kind (A-A-A-A-K) hand,

Full house (A-A-A-K-K) hand,

Flush (any Ace-high flush) hand,

Straight (the best A-K-Q-J-T) hand,

Three-of-a-kind (the best A-A-A-K-Q) hand, Two-pair (the best two-pair hand is A-A-K-K-Q),

One-pair (the best one-pair hand is A-A-K-Q-J)

and High card (the best high hand A-K-Q-J-9).


Compete with the strongest AI opponents or play online against millions of poker fans all over the globe.


In singleplayer mode one can choose between Quick Play games, Ring games and Tournament. Quick Play games will appeal to those who are short of time.


Pocket MultiplayerIn Quick game the player immediately joins the table with 9 opponents. Ring games are sit'n'go games with different number of opponents.


One may join or quit the game any time he likes. Besides, the player can change characters, i.e. to start playing one character and then switch to another.


To do it, a character profile (or profiles to be exact) should be created. It's possible to have up to 3 profiles, each profile having its saved statistics. To join the Tournament, one has to buy the ‘entrance ticket' for a set dollars amount.


Unlike Ring games, the players can't quit the Tournament any time he likes as he'll lose the entrance fee.


At the end of the tournament the prize pool is divided up, the tournament goes on until there is one player left with money. In online mode, different tables (with different betting limits each)are available. Each day a player is given $1000, all online winnings are stored in RealDice server and are available to the player the next time he logins (it's worth mentioning for those who are already lost in day-dreams that money used and won in the game are faked). The game features stunning graphics, real-to-life interface and it suggests a great choice of playing modes. 


Strategy Guide (with recommendations for both beginners, intermediate players and Advanced poker fans) makes the gameplay easier. Hall of Fame with updated info on the best online players adds the element of competitiveness to the game.


System Requirements: Windows Mobile 4.2 or later Free Space: 2MB Display: Color Internet Connection for Online Play.



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Game Review   2007-04-26


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Ashraf  2012-03-03 06:40:23
Apparently even people in the beusnsis have no idea what they're talking about. You do not need any disclaimer on a text walkthrough copyright, and you can sell them to whomever you please. It is your creative work, not the work of the game company. Sheesh. If I give you the answers to the questions in a textbook it isn't copying anything from the text (at least nothing that is protected by copyright) so (a) I don't need permission, and (b) I can sell them to anyone for any price I choose.On the other hand, if you MARKET something that appears to have the same trademark as another company in the same beusnsis area, it could be a trademark infringement , but not copyright.If you take a video of a game and add stuff (for a walk-through), you would need a license to distribute the derivative work you have created using someone else's creative game video. Without a license it would be a federal crime to sell one.

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