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Game Review   2009-01-07


Search for Lost TreasuresAdventure Chronicles: Search for Lost Treasure -A Step Farther


Adventure Chronicles: Search for Lost Treasure is a sequel to hidden object hit Escape the Museum. Goggi Games took the main character a step farther in this game.



This time Susan is going to travel through different places of the world in search of the treasures of the great value.


Adventure_Chronicles__Search_for_Lost_TreasureHaving escaped from the museum, Susan gets a mysterious journal that guides her through her new journey.


This time she is challenged to find some very valuable treasures. And this is quite a challenge I should say.


So you get a map of the places you are to visit. Some of them appear gradually after you've progressed at least a little bit.


Now about the locations. In every scene you are to find the items listed, tools, and special items that can be used somewhere on the scene.


 Adventure_Chronicles__Search_for_Lost_TreasureThe items of the list are of different colors. The blue ones are the ones that take a special action to be discovered.


You also get some tools gradually like hammer or item finder or brush. All of those are to be used to find the items.


The journal gives you also the clues that are supposed to help you understand where some of the items are.


The graphics and sounds and music are almost perfect - very well done for a hidden object game.


This is Adventure Chronicles: Search for Lost Treasure in a nutshell. Want more? Get the trial version and come up with your own review.

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Game Review   2009-01-07


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Sikha  2012-04-07 00:34:54
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This is Adventure Chronicles: Search for Lost Treasure for Mac review. Download this game here.