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Game Review   2007-11-07


Best_GiftBest Gift - Match Diversity 


I'm sure that everyone enjoys getting gifts on his/her birthday or whatever else holidays. Well now there's an opportunity to get enough of it.  


Best Gift is a match-three game that is bout gifts and not only that. Developed by DayTerium, the game is not just a girly match-three game for Mac OS.


The game can be played in one of four modes: Adventure Quest, Miracle Quads, Fable Puzzles, or Amazing Action.


Best_GiftAs you start the game, you are introduced to four game modes. They are: Adventure Quest, Miracle Quads, Fable Puzzles, and Amazing Action.


The modes are quite different. If you play the Adventure Quest mode, you are to play an average match-three game. The feature of this mode is that you are to unlock several gifts.


It takes several levels to unwrap a gift. First you deal with a band, then a box, and then a gift is shown to you.


Moreover, your board is filled with the gifts in those beautiful boxes. Everything is so cute and nice that the only word that comes to your mind to describe it is girly. Just in case girly stuff in not what you are looking for, let the other three modes catch you with what they contain.


The Amazing Action mode presents you a match-three challenge with no gifts to unlock. And in the Miracle Quads mode you are to play a match-four game.


Best_GiftIn case you are a match-three fun and you are not interested in all this unwrap-a-gift stuff, then you can indulge yourself in playing a total match-three game in the Amazing Action mode.


Here, unlike the Adventure Quest, there's no time limit. The Miracle Quads mode is for those who want to try a match-four challenge.


This type of matching isn't difficult at all unless you have got so many types of gifts to have trouble with making a square. The task here is to not just match four gifts of one type, but to make a four-in-a-square match. 


The Fable Puzzles mode is the most challenging and exciting.


Best_GiftThe mode I enjoy most of all is the Fable Puzzles mode. In this mode, your task is to clear the board by matching the gift boxes.


But the thing here is to do it wisely so that you would not have any tiles left. It means that you must think of the best and only ways to get rid of all of the boxes.


When the board isn't big, you can see the way to match the boxes pretty easily.


But the boards grow as you progress. It's very helpful that there are Undo and Reset buttons at the bottom of the screen. But there's no hint button, so you are left on your own to dwell upon the ways to solve some of the puzzles.


The tip for this mode would be to try to find where to get those boxes that don't seem to have any boxes around to match with. If they are separated from the boxes of their type, it means that you need to get them somehow to their match group. This often helps to see the way and order to deal with the whole board.


Best Gift has everything to please your eye, ear, and mind.

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Game Review   2007-11-07


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