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Game Review   2006-12-04


Bubble Bobble Nostalgie - Nostalgic Arcade


Bubble Bobble Nostalgie - Nostalgic ArcadeThose feeling nostalgic for old console games will be glad to meet funny Dragon from Bubble Bobble Nostalgie. ‘Adapted' for modern computers, the Dragon is the same as 20 years ago: his task is still to jump from level to level overcoming obstacles and fighting with enemies.


The game has two episodes and it's possible to choose between One Player or Two Players modes.


A little dragon, cute character of the game, bravely makes his way through the level. Jumping up and down, left and right he has to avoid meeting numerous monsters.


To kill the monsters a dragon catches them into bubbles. When the enemy is close, the dragon blows a bubble and the evil creature gets trapped into it.


Help little dragon escape from monsters

Then the dragon has to jump on the bubble with a trapped monster and pop it. The monster will be killed and your dragon will be rewarded with an apple, a banana or other ‘tasty' bonus.


Remember that the time for each level is limited. Kill all monsters until the time for the level is over otherwise you'll lose a life...


With time the monsters are getting more aggressive - some of them can shoot at the dragon, others are immortal, so be very careful.


Plenty of pleasant surprises are also waiting for a dragon on his way.

The dragons blows bubbles and catches enemies insideTasty bonuses and ‘special items' like multicolored sweets, rings, umbrellas appear on dragon's way after certain events scoring a dragon extra points and giving him additional opportunities.


Your dragon will also be rewarded with extra life for first 30 000 points and then for each 100 000 points he gets.


How to play: Use corresponding keyboard arrows to move left or right, ‘up' arrow to jump, ‘space' to  shoot with a bubble.


The game features nice graphics and wonderful sound tracks. Two Players mode and the Hall of Fame where the players' best results are reflected introduce an element of competition in the game making the gameplay quite addictive. The tasks are rather challenging: rambling, fighting enemies, even solving word puzzles. But the game lacks momentum and some zest to ‘grasp' completely. It will appeal to those who like retro games.



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Game Review   2006-12-04


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