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Game Review   2010-01-06


Caribbean Hideaway - the match 3 game you are bound to like!

Caribbean Hideaway intro



Do you remember your childhood? The fascinating pirate stories and marine adventures? Have you ever dreamt of sailing the waters of the high seas under the Jolly Roger? Or maybe you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series? In any case Oberon Media and TwinTale Entertainment have prepared a great gift for you - Caribbean Hideaway!


The game will take you to an island in the Caribbean (you choose the name for your island yourself), where Captain Caninbahl is trying to build a real pirate village - Caribbean Hideaway, when an extraordinary event breaks the peaceful life of the village. The young ship's boy Dewey's sweetheart Ruby is kidnapped - and our brave pirates venture to the risky trip trying to save her. Dangers, treasures and triumphs guaranteed!

The game combines elements of strategy and traditional match 3 game play.

Caribbean Hideaway IslandYour main goal is to build a settlement where all the pirates will live in safety and thrive. For this construct different buildings, from the Smith to Treasure Vault or Rum Maker. Each building requires certain resources - gold pieces, carpenters to build it and staff to work in it. These are collected during match 3 levels.

As I already mentioned, the match 3 game play is quite traditional. On each level you will receive a task or a couple of them to fulfill. For instance, as Dewey you will clear the ship's deck (that is remove all blue tiles from the playfield) and collect treasures (the tasks of colleting all the full chests are sometimes really challenging), and in the role of Captain Caninbahl be sure you'll have to fight foes and earn reputation points. These will prove very useful, as you progress in the game.

The quicker you pass match 3 levels, the more resources you will have for developing your settlement. And the quicker you develop your settlement the more benefits you receive in the match 3 levels!

Caribbean Hideaway Scr.2Want to know why? Everything is simple: each building requires gold - you get gold for collecting coins during the level and for the time remaining; each building requires people - new citizens come to your island when you get a new rank. And you get a new rank after earning a certain reputation among the pirate brotherhood. Reputation points are obtained in the levels with opponents (surely, you have to defeat foes or sharks in order to become popular) - the quicker and more efficiently you fight, the higher your reputation gets.


But here is the tricky moment. The strategy part will require certain thinking and balancing, as having money without people will not do you any good - there'll be no one to work on construction, even if you can pay. And having people without money is even worse, as no one will work until they get paid - and unemployed citizens will steal money from you after each level! Surely, you can put them to jail - but that one needs to be constructed also! I would say, it's quite a challenge - to get everything in perfect harmony.

I should also say a couple of words on power-ups. They can be earned either by the way of developing the island, as each building gives you some benefits, or directly during match 3 game, which is quite standard for such games. Explore all the possibilities - and your success will be a little closer!

To bring it to a conclusion, I can say the game is really nice and quite addictive. A great choice for all match 3 fans, as well as those in love with the sea and pirate romance!

P.S. Almost forgot - the graphics are very appealing. Cute characters and beautiful backgrounds - see with your own eyes!

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Game Review   2010-01-06


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Dean  2010-01-11 01:29:06
Good match 3. Nice graphics.

blow15  2010-01-12 04:27:22
Those pirats are really cool and the game's fun

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