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Game Review   2006-10-30


Checkers Challenge - Good Old Checkers on Your Mac 


 Checkers Challenge for MacOSThis is a classic board game well-known to everybody since childhood.  To some people, checkers are the magic word that gives rise to lots of nostalgic memories. It resembles of cunning maneuvers, smart tricks that one performs to become a king... Checkers are played by kids and adults.  The game is serious and strikingly exciting.  One of the biggest advantages of this game is that you can play it with a partner, and, in case you don't have a deserved rival - with your Mac.


In Checkers Challenge, by Absolutist  everything is like in good old checkers. They are played on a table with white and black squares and, of course, black and white checkers. The rules of the game as well as a strategies to become a king, remain the same. One more advantage of the game is its calm music, realistic sounds and a great opportunity to play it any time you want, of course if you have your Mac by your side.


Just in case you forgot we are going to remind you the rules:

                                                                                            Checkers Challenge Screenshot

1. White checkers begin the game;       


2. Checkers play & hit only forward and cornerwise;


3. Checkers can move only one square forward;


4. If black and white checkers  are located  on the same diagonal line, and there is one vacant square behind each of them, so one can hit the opponent's checker. Depending on that fact whose turn it is, a checker "jumps over" the rival's one to the blank square   on the same diagonal line, and the opponent's checker is taken away from the board;


5. A checker that managed to go through the opponent's playfield, becomes a king;


6. A player that has more checkers on the board wins the game.      


The game can be controlled using the arrow keys or a mouse, which is more comfortable in this game.


Point at a checker you want to move with the cursor bar and perform left mouse click. After that click on the square you've chosen.

 Checkers Challenge for MacOS

That's it; your checker is already there! But, unlike the regular checkers, you won't be able to play out of turn even if you forget that it's over... First, that's because it's simply impossible in this computer version of checkers. At second, while playing with your computer, you have to note that it will perform the moves promptly.


Do you want to hit an opponent's checker? It's not a problem.


First of all mark your checker - and point to the square to jump with your mouse cursor.

                                                      Checkers Challenge screenshot

Besides, that is to say, each player has to use his right to hit the opponent's checker and never omit it. In computer Checkers, you won't be able to do any other move except hitting once it is possible.


If you doubt your checkers playing skills or haven't played the game for quite a long time, you just try the game and feel the ultimate challenge of checkers.

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Game Review   2006-10-30


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This is Checkers Challenge review. Download this game here.