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Game Review   2009-07-15


DinerTown TycoonDinerTown Tycoon - Get The Zombies Out!

While PlayFirst are mostly known for their dash games, now they offer us a totally new genre in the old good atmosphere of DinerTown - a tycoon game. Here you'll have a possibility to try your prediction and strategy skills and see whether you can compete with the evil corporation.

Let Grub Burger turn everyone in DinerTown into zombies? Never!

DinerTown TycoonMayor Whimple, the leader of DinerTown, is not willing to accept the generous "donation" from the large fast-food corporation Grub Burger at all. He knows very well that the citizens of his city have enough great restaurants to satisfy the most exquisite demand. But the owners of Grub Burger have their own opinion about this. And they have a powerful weapon to support their point of view - Ingredient X. As soon as you taste any food containing it you turn into zombie - and get under full control of the dishonest businessmen. Very soon their restaurants start appearing on every corner and someone has to repair the situation ASAP. Who will it be? You, of course!

Diner Town TycoonYou will start from Darla's Sidewalk Cafe and try to conquer DinerTown's eaters back

district by district. For each district you'll have a goal - to serve each customer type a certain minimum number of healthy meals before the Grub Burger makes a certain progress. The meals are served during a day, but you can't influence anything at that time. Instead you have a number of tools to get prepared before each day's work.

First of all, you'll have to check the news and see the estimated crowd and demand for the coming day - this will help you plan your menu and stock. After you've got all the information you go to Prep (separate for each restaurant you already own) and determine menu by buying new dishes and setting prices (sale or regular), stock ingredients according to the crowd prediction and purchase some decors for your diners (those become available consequently one after another). All those items need careful budgeting, as the money you have are limited, and the needs grow every day.

DinerTown TycoonAfter you have prepared everything you can go to your neighborhood and start your day. But before that you'll have a couple more options, like advertising helping to draw customers to your places or new restaurants available for purchase. Once the day is started all you can do is click customers with coins over their heads for extra tips and watch your progress. There are some hints that will help you build a better strategy, like broken hearts when a customer is dissatisfied or red crosses when you run out of a certain ingredient. There are also some special people who can help you advertise when clicked, like Flo, for example.

After each day you can see you progress to the goal. If someone is not a frequent customer at your restaurants, you can order a market research and see what you should do to please him or her. You can also win the Chef Challenge for each day (look for it in the News screen). Doing this will slow down your competitors.

On the whole the game is a quite addictive and interesting sample of tycoon genre, so if you like the genre - it's a perfect choice to try!

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Game Review   2009-07-15


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