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Game Review   2008-01-02


FairiesFairies - Match To Set Free


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How about a journey to a wonder land with a mission to set free poor, but very attractive, fairies?


Well, that's exactly what you are to do in Fairies, developed by Big Fish Studios.



You have to set the fairies free by matching three or more of them.


FairiesYou are to set the fairies free from the jars. How you do that?


There is a board with jars that contain fairies of different colors.


You need to match three or more fairies to break the jars and let them fly away.


But you do that not by swapping but by pulling the whole row either up/down or right/left.


And you don't need to have three or more fairies of one color in one row only.


You can arrange them so that they would just be near. That also counts.


Every matching gives you a certain quantity of magic or whatever it is. Once you gather the required amount, the level is complete.


There is quite a wide variety of modes: Adventure, Classic, Relaxed, and Playback.


FairiesThe game has four modes to offer you. They are Adventure, Classic, Relaxed, and Playback.


The Adventure Mode is the most challenging and my favorite.


There is a time limit in this mode (which makes it really tough) and you are to collect the required amount of magic to get a part of an image.


The Classic Mode represents pretty much the same but with no time limit.


You can relax and enjoy the endless matching game in The Relaxed Mode.


And The Playback Mode is a bit different from the other three. Here, you are to listen to a kind of a melody.


The jars on the board are divided into sectors according to the colors. So as you listen to the melody the sectors get highlighted randomly with every tune.


Your task is to click on the sectors in the same order as while the melody. So practice your memory in The Playback Mode.


There are tons of power-ups hidden in the jars to help you accomplish the task.


FairiesThere is a great number of power-ups hidden in the jars.


You get them when you break the jar with it.


The power-ups can multiply your score or match any color or free random fairies.


Well, whatever they do it's for your good.


It also happens sometimes that some jars get locked. And it's a problem cause it means that you can not pull the whole row. But there is a power-up to unlock all the locked jars.


Fairies is a great challenging game. Moreover the graphics are just superb - very attractive, very fairious.

The fairies look really good. And there is a very cute fairy with her hands covering her face when you are asked if you really want to quit.

She makes you feel so guilty that you want to say: oh no, no, I'm not leaving. I'll keep freeing you.

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Game Review   2008-01-02


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