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Game Review   2007-03-28


Fish TycoonFish Tycoon: Run Fish Business in your Mac!


Download Fish Tycoon for Mac now


Imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean - on the lost and mysterious island of Isola...


Fabulous, but an even more fabulous and enigmatic lagoon is hidden there. inhabited with the most rare and wonderful fish. All fish lived in absolute harmony with nature, which was held by 7 Special Magic Fish. But every idyll has its end!


All the fish had disappeared somewhere and your mission is to find the 7 Magic Fish to restore the balance. Be hurry to save Isola!


Fish Tycoon

Well, when all instructions are studied, it's high time to start the game (or business ;)).


As in all micromanagement games of the similar type, you'll see segmented playing field with number of various sections.


You may visit a store with a rich assortment of needed supplies, sell your fish or put it into the species, for example.


Now, the fish's fortune is totally in your hands.


You may feed them, grow up to the optimal size and sell to finance your business or put it to species.


Fish Tycoon

The first you step may be visiting the Fish Supplies Store, where you can by all kind of supplies both for your Fish and a Tank. You'll find there medicines, special plants, vitamins, technologies and so forth.


To find out what your Fish needs in, drag it into the Isolation Tank to check out its name, age, and health. First of all make sure, that you have a Fish in the Isolation Tank and than drag another one to it. 


So you are given three Tanks, which you may see in the upper right corner of the playing field:


Tank One - is your starting Tank;

Tank Two - is an extra Tank you may buy later;

Sale Tank - is a selling Tank.

To move between your Tanks, just click on the button for the tank you want to switch to. If you leave the game for some time, remember to check in from time to time. Babies can grow into bigger fish or some may die...

Make sure your Fish does not age or get sick when the game is paused


When a Fish is fully grown, put it in the Isolation Tank and click on Species.


Fish TycoonIf you decide to sell it you can always go to the sale Tank to check out the Fish that are in the selling Tank. You have a privilege to set the fish's price before you sell it.


But you should remember that you can sell only adult fish. Even more, it can be sold only when you personally supervise your Fish Store.


So, be smart businessman and your business will be growing just beneath your eyes.


While playing you should be rather attentive and not to miss a Magic Fish - you main goal in restoring the fish balance.


Keep an eye on your Tanks to watch the fish's behavior. All the Magic Fish leave sparkles behind them when they swim. Also it has rather specific properties: it stay alive and swimming in the Tank even when other fish are affected or died.


When you find all Magic fish and restore the broken balance, you'll accomplish your generous mission and save Isola. Than it's up to you either to continue running your prosperous business or enjoy the reached result and leave a game...


By the way, Fish Tycoon's graphic and music are pleasant and quality enough to satisfy your esthetic taste.


Download Fish Tycoon for Mac now

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Game Review   2007-03-28


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kidd  2007-04-14 18:01:41
how do i supervise my stored?

Celina  2011-08-08 05:47:58
I didn't know where to find this info then koabom it was here.

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