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Game Review   2008-12-10


Fitness DashFitness Dash - Same Content. New Form.


The second word in the title makes lots of things clear about the game for those who are not new comers to the genre. Fitness Dash being developed by Sarbakan and published by PlayFirst is a new fresh breeze on the Dash-series.



This time you get to play as Jo the Jogger, a young girl that sets the goal to make a team of fit people in order to stand for their town in the competition.


fitness_dashDash series is now geting you into the gym as a trainer for the visitors, those who support the idea of workout.


So the general goal is to create a team of fit people in order to represent the town at the competition.


You start with a not-so-perfect place, but soon you can afford the upgrades to make the place look and work better.


The new form doesn't bring much of new content. You still have to rush around in order to serve your customers in  due time.


When you see a visitor standing at the entrance you are to take and pull him or her to the corresponding machine. You can find it out by looking at a small picture at his or her head.


fitness_dashThere are also three more things for you to do. You are also to bring towels and water when they are needed. When a customer is done you are to take him or her to the shower.


Apart from that you are also responsible for taking the towles as well as the bottles thrown at the floor and bring the former to the washing machine and the later to the bucket. So one of the good things to remember in order to be fast enough is the color matching that gives you more points.


The game features two modes - Story and Endless. I guess things are pretty clear with the second one - you are given an opporunity to check how far you can get but only in the levels previously unlocked in the Story mode.


The game is like a good way to kill a few hours and get totally absorbed by the game.

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Game Review   2008-12-10


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