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Game Review   2007-10-31


G H O S T  Hunters  The Haunting of Majesty ManorG.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor - the latest hidden-object genre game

G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor is a hidden-object genre game for Mac OS from Aisle 5 Games. It offers you to solve the mystery of Viola Majesty's manor full of sinister puzzles.


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You are to search different rooms to find the objects with residual psychic energies to identify possible suspects.


G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty ManorViola Majesty, the manor's matron, is in despair.


She's been bothered by the odd noises, missing items and objects moving on their own.


You are her last chance to restore peace in her own house.


You help her investigating different places of the house and finding objects with residual psychic energies to identify possible suspects.

You have 15 days to find the items, identify the suspects, and solve the mystery.

G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty ManorYou are given 15 days to investigate 19 unique locations of the Majesty Manor to solve the mystery.


There is Carriage House, Billiard Room, Graveyard, Garden Shed and Library among the locations.


The places are full of all sorts of stuff. The required items are hiding anywhere you can imagine - on the shelves, on the wallpaper, on the pantings...

If you got stuck with finding stuff, use the Milti-Scanner Wand to give you a hint.


G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor

The locations are full of things of all kinds, so if you get stuck with finding something, there is the Milti-Scanner Wand to give you a hint.


You just need to drag it around the screen and, when you are close to one of the objects, the small red indicators light up on the wand.


The number of the hints is limited for a level. However you can try to find a battery on the screen to get an additional hint.


Though, if you are a fan of finding objects, you can choose a bonus level after each level to find the rest of the objects in every room.

The time is limited for each level, but even with numerous time penalties it's more than enough.

G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor

Finding some of the things may not be very easy as the items-to-find list does not specify, say, what kind of bat you should be looking for.


The same is with symbols and signs.


The time for each level is limited, but it's more then enough.


Like in other hidden-object genre games, you get time penalty for frequent random clicking.


The graphics are really attractive and bright. The music and sound effects are so good and impressive, like thunder, footsteps, whispers and creaking hinges. All this gives the appropriate atmosphere to the game.


A mode with a stricter time limit would be great. The only problem is that the game has the higher system requirements than average (1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, Windows XP and an NVIDIA or ATI 3D video card). So make sure your system is capable of these requirements.

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Game Review   2007-10-31


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