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Game Review   2007-05-16


Gem Shop: Your Career OpportunityGem Shop: Your Career Opportunity


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Imagine yourself in a jewelry shop with lots of precious things for all tastes...And you are the only owner of this priceless place. But what should you do with this treasure? Should you use it yourself, present to your relatives and friends or earn a great sum of money selling them?


Of course the last variant is the most acceptable but point is that you have to satisfy all your customers to earn money. Are you ready to try to become a successful jewelry businessman?


The object of the game is to match gems and to sell jewelry to customers. To create matches you are to click and drag them so that three or more tiles of the same color are touching.


Gem Shop: Your Career OpportunityEverything seems to be ok, but don't forget that while you are solving this addictive puzzle, customers are waiting for your service. One by one they visit your shop to buy rings, necklaces, ear-rings and other jewels. The current customer is displayed above the jewelry item he wants to buy.


The customer's happiness level and current offer are displayed bellow the customer icon. Each visitor displays his emotions which depend on your witness and reaction speed. The most important thing is that happy customers pay more for their order! You are to do your best to increase their emotional condition and, as a sequel, your earnings.


The way to rise a customer's happiness (together with their current offer) is rather simple. Just make your matches more quickly and give them some treats available at the bottom from time to time.


Gem Shop: Your Career OpportunityThus, you may offer them a cup of aromatic espresso or a portion of chocolate sweets. Amount of such treats is limited and may be replenished if you buy them for earned tokens. To get them you are to create matches of special golden coins which appear among other gems on the playing field.


Another way is to make a combo: match more than 4 semi-colored tiles or some groups of them simultaneously. You may see the number of available tokens on the right side. After each level you have a chance to buy some upgrades for you shop (such as additional nice jewelry or tasty treats for your customers).


But tokens are not the only resource to run your business. Your main deal is selling jewelry and satisfying the picky and unpatient customers.


Gem Shop: Your Career OpportunityThe current jewelry item is displayed in the bottom left corner. You may see its name and retail value below it. As you match gems, the jewelry meter will rise towards the top. When this indicator reaches the top and the item becomes highlighted it is completed and ready for sale.


As all micromanagement type games Gem Shop may last endlessly while you upgrade your shop and satisfy all customers.


The level is completed when you sell jewelry to the last customer and meet or exceeded the sales goal. Another point is that the game complexity is increasing from level to level.


Thus, there are some obstacles which prevent you from achieving the main goal and completing the level successfully. They are gems with flows and lumps of coal.


Gem Shop: Your Career OpportunityGems with flows are not suitable for jewellery and can't be moved. You can get rid of them by making a match that includes the flow. As for the lumps of coal, they appear after you've made a great number of matches.


Not only can't they be used for jewelry but also do not match any of the gems. Lumps of coal don't even match other coal and therefore cannot be removed, so you'll have to work around them.


In any case, it's absolutely up to you what playing strategy to prefer: quick matching and keeping your customers happy or selling more expensive items and earning millions. Nice graphic and attached music surrounding helps you to plunge into pleasant game atmosphere.


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Game Review   2007-05-16


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