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Game Review   2007-08-08


Hidden Expedition: EverestHidden Expedition: Everest for Mac Review


Hidden Expedition: Everest developed by Big Fish Games offers you a race to the top of Everest. In this game you are to compete against 3 other teams.


Travel around the world to get to Everest first. Hidden Expedition: Everest is an excellent seek-and-find puzzle game with a great story.


Along the way you compete in hidden objects hunting against The Gamers, The Scarlet Hat League and The Scholars


Hidden Expedition: Everest You compete against 3 other teams in Hidden Expedition: Everest.


The Scholars are guided by their brainpower. The Scarlet Hat League are ladies, who believe that the whole journey is going to be fun. The Gamers are guys who've done that many times before in computer games.


Ed Viesturs, a expert mountaineer, guides you all the way to Everest.


In every level you have a chart in the bottom of your screen showing you the success of your competitors. So it adds a time challenge to the hidden objects gameplay.


Try to find different objects hidden so well that you'll definitely need help.


Hidden Expedition: EverestYour task in Hidden Expedition: Everest is to find all the items on the list in the bottom within the limited time. And, believe me, it's not always an easy task to accomplish. The objects are totally different (child's face, toothbrush, palm tree, etc) and sometimes are hidden very well.


The objects of the same color and those placed on one another or carved or drawn on different surfaces are the hardest to find.



Enjoy wonderful animated scenes as you travel all over the world.


Hidden Expedition: Everest

Hidden Expedition: Everest has 30 wonderful scenes of the greatest world highlights. But the biggest surprise is that they are animated! 


The design of each of them is really amazing.


Working your way from Latin America to your last destination - Everest you'll visit places like Bolivia, Mayan Wall, Chichen Itza ruins ad many other picturesque places.



The objects are hidden very well so you may need to use a Hint button. 

Hidden Expedition: EverestIf you are stuck with finding objects you can use a Hint button to be shown the area where the object is.


You have only 3 hints per level so use them wisely.


You can also find 5 hidden gems on the screen to get more hints. Apart from all that an hourglass is hidden on every screen.


It's optional so get it if you want to prolong your time of the level. 


Challenging mini-games are as addictive as the main game.


Hidden Expedition: EverestWhat's more, you are challenged with tasks like finding "20 axis" or "19 sea shells" in a mini-game that tells you next destination.


Every few levels you'll tackle mini-games such as putting a map out of separate piecestogether .


Then there is a mini-game for a special bonus. You are to find items through the game by the silhouettes in the secret items book.


Marvelous graphics, amazing mini-games, fun story and the whole game presentation makes Hidden Expedition: Everest a top game of its type. 


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Game Review   2007-08-08


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