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Game Review   2009-09-29


10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana Salinger10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana Salinger - The Amulet Power

10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana Salinger is a hidden object game from FlyWheel Games, that makes you set out for a long journey exploring ancient temples to save the world in 10 days with the help of an amulet.

Decode inscriptions of Atlantis and get ready for incredible adventures in sacred places of ancient civilizations!

10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana SalingerAt the very beginning of the game we get to know from the TV news that for more than a month some inexplicable natural cataclysms have been happening one after another on the planet. Forecasters are stunned: the African continent has been flooded, Venice suffers from a drought. If no one reacts to this threat soon, the planet's future will be beyond hope. At the same time Diana feels that her amulet found two years ago intends to remind of itself by shaking and shining. The only person who can help Diana to find out what kind of an amulet it is is her father who is far away on an excavation at the moment. Then she asks Henry for help and with their efforts combined the story of the amulet becomes clearer. Ten thosands years Atlantians lived in peace and protected the 10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana Salingerartifact. It had been enjoined by their ancestors not to use it as in this case that symbol of life would turn into the symbol of death. The artifact was located on the top of the impregnable tower. It created a  protection field over Atlantis by radiating a grate power. Due to this field the balance of natural power was kept and peace reigned. As you may already guessed, the balance was lost and it's only 10 days left for it to be restored.

So, like all hidden object games, you are to join Diana's expedition to look for hidden objects among busy scenes and backgrounds. I find the graphics very interesting, looking  like oil paintings. Most of the items are clear, easy to spot, although sometimes a little ambiguous. What is really beyond reproach is musical background. I am interested in your comments which you may post at our forum but I personally would mark it as excellent.

10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana SalingerIn addition to searching for necessary items, you have to complete simple inventory puzzles, most of which involve assembling components. In particular, you are to guess to cut leaves which may cover some hidden objects or to sweep sand away from them.

Some tasks are rather guesswork than logical, like searching in the darkness when your house loses power. Bolts of lightning are the only weak light source you have, so it seems you should merely stumble around in the dark room. Still it doesn't hinder much.

Overall, 10 Days To Save The World is a splendid seek-and-find game, it has everything you can expect to find in a typical HOG!

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Game Review   2009-09-29


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This is 10 Days To Save The World: The Adventures of Diana Salinger review. Download this game here.