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Game Review   2009-10-20


Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly


Agatha Christie: Dead Man's FollyAgatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly is a hidden object game that has you playing as the famous Hercule Poirot who received an invitation from the prominent detective novelist Ariadne Oliver. She has been arranging the Murder Hunt Game for the fete and having a foreboding of real danger. The plot follows an actual Agatha Christie novel by the same name.

Find hidden clues, decode messages, and solve puzzles to unravel a story of deception, secrets and a fatal end.

Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly Still, Hercule Poirot does not see any criminal tendencies at the estate. The Murder Hunt Game is supposed to be like a Treasure Hunt with a Detective Story, and there are almost no people who would seem too abnormal. So, you in the name of Poirot have to investigate 48 challenging seek-and-find levels pretending to be watching some prize awards.

According to the scenario prepared by Ariadne there had to be a victim found dead in a boathouse. This role was to be played by a girl named Marlene. Some people realize that this charade could be the perfect disguise for a despicable scheme. However, Ariadne was right, calling Poirot, as Marlene was found really strangled in that boathouse during the fete.
Agatha Christie: Dead Man's FollyThe game consists of chapters and each chapter includes several locations. In each chapter there is a Murder Hunt item to be found. Such items contain clues, in the form of encrypted riddles, to the identity of the next Murder Hunt item. In the end you'll discover whodunit.

At the beginning of each chapter you have 3 hints. After you've used a hint, it starts slow recharging. So, it takes some time till you get one more hint again. You can also earn an extra hint by being fast at finding hidden objects. What I don't like in HOGs, is a time limit. Agatha Christie series is not an exception. Besides, if you click at random, the time you have left to complete the chapter, will be reduced.
Agatha Christie: Dead Man's FollyAs you proceed with the game you will face not only finding items but also fulfilling simple tasks with the found objects such as drag them somewhere, e.g. to collect sugar lumps and place them to a bowl or to drag balloons to the bunch and so on. As for those objects, they are challenging to find, but fair. Some items are color blended, but many are just very well camouflaged in the busy scenes though visible. It reminds me the way many hidden object games worked two years ago, but it's a big difference when you compare it to current HOGs, most of which are untimed with quickly refilling hints. Unlock "Find All" mode to be able to uncover all hidden items in the game.

If you enjoy mystery novels, Agatha Christie: Dead Man's Folly will appear quite amazing and having its own charm.

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Game Review   2009-10-20


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Elida  2012-05-21 09:57:52
This may be a bit out there but I defiantly remonmecd the Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead. Also her Vampire Academy booms as well. Lots of doomed love there in the both of them. The first one is a bout a succubus who is a character I think anyone can relate to, and she ends up falling for an author she is on the verge of obsessing over. The second is about a teenage girl who falls for a teacher at the all-vampire/dhampir academy. They're good reads References : My own collection of books.

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