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Game Review   2007-12-04


Agatha Christie: Peril at the End HouseAgatha Christie - Peril at End House - Watch The Crackjack Doing His Job


Here's another sequel of a popular hidden-object hit from Flood Light Games

- Agatha Christie - Peril at End House. You are to save a young lady, Miss Nick Buckley, from being killed.


Having met a young lady, Hercule Poirot soon realizes that she is in danger of being killed.


Agatha Christie: Peril at the End House The story of End house begins as Hercule Poirot meets a nice lady, Miss Nick Buckley. She turns out to be the owner of End House.


As you start the game itself and solve the hidden-object tasks you get more and more clues that make it clear that the lady is in danger of being killed. New clues give you more information about the suspects and the situation itself. Step by step you search through the whole house and other places that get you to solving the mystery.


You are limited in time to find all of the items for the level. Five tips are provided for each level.


Agatha Christie: Peril at the End House The hidden object tasks are quite usual. You get the list of items to find on the screen. Before each screen you get a map of the place and are shown the places and the number of the items you are to find in each one of them.


So you are free to choose the order of places as well as how you want to use the tips. The time is limited but it's usually more than enough to find everything. You've got 5 tips for every level and usually several places for every level. So you can decide what to leave the tips for.


The game features bonus puzzles to make it more of a challenge for you.


Agatha Christie: Peril at the End House There are also bonus levels in between the hidden-object levels. They can be skipped though. They are represented by different kinds of puzzles. It can be, for example, to put the pieces of the news paper together in order to read the article or to fill in the blanks in the letter to find out what the experts said about the bullet. There's Clue Room and Evidence Room on the screen where you can go any time you want to check all the evidence and the clues that you've collected within the game. One of the fun features of the game is that there are some animated parts in the hidden-object levels. And the fun is that those things are on your list. For example, you need to find a mouse and here you see it running on the floor. There are also tasks like you need to find the required number of pieces of paper on the screen and put them all into the drawer.


The game is really good - classic story, challenging tasks, great graphics, and participation in the work of the great Hercule Poirot.

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Game Review   2007-12-04


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This is Agatha Christie - Peril at End House review. Download this game here.