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Game Review   2009-04-17


Alchemist's ApprenticeAlchemist's Apprentice - Your Chance to Rule!

If you are looking for relaxation, Alchemist's Apprentice is the perfect choice for you.

This game will take you to a beautiful magical land where you'll match tokens and restore your province while enjoying the addictive yet not extremely challenging game play.

Have you ever dreamt of ruling a country? Try a province for the start!

Alchemist's ApprenticeIf you are a student of the High School of Magical Arts, all your thoughts are about exams and spells. Until your owl-pet brings you a mysterious scroll - it's the sign of adventures, isn't it? Soon you learn that the letter is from your uncle, who is known as a very talented yet a bit eccentric old-school alchemist and magician, who is now the Governor of a distant province. He wants to travel for some significant time in his search of ingredients for the Philosopher's Stone, and he wants you to take his place for the time of his absence. Who in his sound mind wolud refuse such a possibility? Not you, that's for sure!

But when you arrive to the place of your new designation, you'll find out that the province definitely does not thrive. Now your task is to restore your uncle's land and make it prosper. You will do it by gradually upgrading different buildings, from castle to pyro lab and thunder tower. Upgrading costs money, of course, but each of the buildings gives you certain bonuses to use during the main game play, like fireballs or tokens switch. And the gold for upgrades is earned during the matching levels, so you can see that everything is interconnected very closely - which makes it even more fun.

Alchemist's ApprenticeThe basic game play is mainly match 3, while you will also have some quite simple hidden object tasks for a change. In most levels you have tokens of different shapes and colors to be matched, a time limit and some tasks. Most of the tasks are for collecting a certain number of gold coins, that is matching tokens with gold coins. For charging the bonuses you will also need to collect certain gems by matching them. You will also have to unfreeze some cells or remove other obstacles, which adds some challenge to the game. Actually, there is nothing unusual in the game mechanics, which doesn't make it less addictive at all.

The main attraction point of Alchemist's Apprentice are the graphics. Bright, colorful and vivid, they make your game experience with the title unforgettable. You will totally immerse to the fairy tale atmosphere - and won't be able to come back, I promise you.

But enough words. You have to see everything by yourself, don't you?

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Game Review   2009-04-17


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