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Game Review   2008-07-28


Alex_GordonAlex Gordon - marvelous feline adventures

Alex Gordon is a treasure hunter of amazing qualification. But this time his sister has been kidnapped, and to save her he will venture to a dangerous quest. Alawar Games and DayTerium offer you a trip full of adventures and jeopardies, treasures and magic - and platformer fun!

So, as I already said, you play as Alex Gordon, a treasure hunter cat who is never afraid and always ready for new adventures!

Alex_Gordon Alex together with his sister Alice travels to a mysterious island where they stumble upon a cave opening blocked with stones. Hoping to find some hidden treasure there they encounter a strange amulet. But no sooner had Alex approached the amulet as the ground started shaking and all the gems from the amulet disappeared. Instead of them natives (looking like small turtles) showed up and kidnapped Alice. In a few moments Alex found himself talking to Pooh - the evil shaman who abducted Alice in revenge for destruction of the amulet. Now our brave hero has to collect all the pieces of the amulet if he wants to see his sister again. And this mission will bring with it lots af dangers and adventures, of course!

Alex_Gordon Actually the game is a typical platformer and presents nothing special in terms of game play. Your task is to pass increasingly difficult levels, jumping on platforms and collecting coins and gems. During the game you will meet enemies to fight and secret places to look for. You will also occasionally find extra lives and hearts replenishing Alex's health - they prove to be very useful later in the game.

But you won't be left alone in your quest. A couple of friends will help you along the way: Trams and Lucky. Trams is a knowledgeable penguin whose task is to teach you how to survive in the five unique game worlds. Lucky is a cute chipmunk or something like this, and he is a great fan of Alex. He marks saving places, and you lose a life, you'll start again from the point of your last meeting.

While travelling the island you will have to master some new ways of locomotion, like swimming (watch your breath rate or you'll drown) or climbing ropes. All of these diversify your game experience immensely.

 After each of the 50 levels you will be given a possibility to add some new touches to the island to make it more cozy and beautiful. That's what coins are used for. You will also need coins to buy access to 15 bonus stages, so pay enough attention to gathering all of them.

While the game play is quite traditional, the game features very pleasant graphics and music, so if you enjoy platformer games - this one is a great choice!

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Game Review   2008-07-28


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