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Game Review   2007-06-11


Alice GreenfingersAlice Greenfingers - arcade game that is hard to quit.


How about your own garden full of wonderful flowers and different crops? This is what Alice Greenfingers is all about. You are to help Alice to grow and sell all kinds of stuff. Help Alice set up the best business of her own in this fast-paced micromanagement game from Arcade Lab.  


You start your garden with a shovel, a jar of seeds and a water can.




Alice GreenfingersFirst you meet Alice herself with a bunch of tools for you. After you have been explained how to use all of them your task is to grow as many crops as you can.


In the beginning, there is only  a shovel, a jar of seeds and a water can for you to start building your garden.


You have to do the things in a specific order: dig with a shovel, sow the seeds, wait till the plant grows, and harvest the crops.


The most important tip at this stage would be to built the garden wisely. You have to use several things all the time - so make sure you leave them near to the plants. It's good to start your garden near the store as it'll save your time to put the harvest in the store.


After the first harvest you start your business at the local market.


Alice GreenfingersAfter you've harvested your first crops you can go to the market to sell it.


Using the menu button on the screen you can get to the market place anytime. In the market window you put the crops on sale and set the price.


You are informed about the current demand for each product, so you are to base your price on that.


One tip about the market - your very first crops on sale are going to be sold anyway just to show you how it goes, so you are free to set a high price. The money from selling your crops you are to spend in the shop. The shopkeeper upgrades you about the new seeds or tools or whatever else new he has.




No rush while playing because you cannot "die" in the game.


You cannot die in Alice Greenfingers, so take your time to do your best and enjoy the game to the fullest. You have all the time in the world to plan the way you want to build your garden. You can choose how to organize different crops on your garden. If you place them apart from each other it'll be easier to harvest when you have a tons of different kinds of crops.


You still don't have to waste your time on waiting.


Alice GreenfingersDon't waste your time waiting for your crop to get rape. You can spend the time on preparing more room for sowing.


You don't have to wait for Alice to accomplish one task to give her the next one.


You can just click on the things you want her to do and she will keep all that in mind. In case you change your mind about the chain of actions - use the right button of your mouse.


If you hold the mouse pointer over some items, a colored bar will appear telling you how full the item is. For instance, in case of the watercan, the bar tells how much water is inside. For a box, the bar tells you how many crops are inside.


Each patch of soil has two bars; one blue bar and one red bar. The blue bar tells how much water is available, and the red bar lets you know the current health condition of the plant. So again, use the free time to fill all the bars.


There are three modes of control but they become available only after you aqcquire some experience in the basic one.


Alice GreenfingersThere is a toolbox with three icons at the bottom right of the screen.


These buttons allow for changing the control mode.


The first mode controls Alice. This is the normal gameplay mode. The second one allows you to move items on the farm using the mouse.


And the third one allows you to throw away items.


The thing is that the last two are available not from the very beginning.


The game allows you to enjoy building the garden YOU want upgrading it in every possible way. 


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Game Review   2007-06-11


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fjsohpuegr  2007-06-25 19:13:47
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! uvgovmwtdum

tadz  2007-06-19 05:00:56
alice greenfingers is really a great game!

Karina  2008-02-03 12:37:26
This game is like one of the best games ever and it deserves 5 stars. Better than that it deserves 1,000,000 stars. (thats one million)If you havent played this game yet you havent lived to see the light and play the ultimate gardening game that will get ur ops up.SO NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

Ramonda  2007-07-11 02:44:03
Hello everybody! I start playing in a wonderfull game Alice Greenfingers. But i have one question: Will little chicken grow up?

daniel  2007-09-14 21:14:44
good at playing alice green fingres

lili   2009-10-27 15:22:00
no realy i am 1 of the bigest fun of the game

Vicky  2012-06-08 02:05:04
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