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Game Review   2007-11-19


 Amazing Adventures - The Lost TombAmazing Adventures - The Lost Tomb - New Hidden Object Game


In the mind of many casual gamers Ancient Egypt is closely connected with extra-dynamic arcade-paced Luxor game series. But developers from Spintop Games attempted to break this stereotype and presented a new hidden object puzzle game with Egyptian-style settings - Amazing Adventures - the Lost Tomb.



Amazing Adventures - The Lost TombSo, as far as the story is concerned, it's similar to other hidden object treasure quests like Hidden Relics.


As an experienced museum employee, you are to find the lost Egyptian pharaoh tomb that hides lots of treasures. And, as you arrive in Egypt, you're to pass through a number of puzzle missions. The first puzzles will be waiting for you in the very airport!


Frankly speaking, The Amazing Adventures offers you much more than a bunch of hidden object puzzles on Egyptian backdrops.


Aside from Ispy mechanics, the gameplay blends spot the difference, 15, and classic puzzle elements.

Amazing Adventures - The Lost TombGraphics of the game is not state-of art, but it is quite bright and eye-pleasing. Looking for the hidden objects on the neatly-rendered scenes is a real fun!

To tell you the truth, it's difficult to get bored of this chain of mind benders. The whole game seems so dynamic! It can be passed rather quickly as long as you are familiar with hidden object games. If you study the whole playing field attentively, you'll find all the objects, as there are no secret objects or other tricks that developers usually play with players. Everything is simple: you'll see the whole list of the items to find at the bottom of the field, find and click correct items.

In case you're stuck - don't try to save your life with random clicking. Just press the hint button. You will see the area next to the object flashing in gold.



Amazing Adventures - The Lost TombLuckily, another hint will become available in a few seconds - just let it recharge. This means you can ask for hints as often as you want. No limited number of hints like in other games.

To assume, Amazing Adventures - the Lost Tomb can hardly be called an all-time hidden object hit.


But it is rather an interesting and dynamic puzzle worth trying if you're a fan of Ispy games. Quality graphics, classic settings and tricky puzzles.

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Game Review   2007-11-19


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This is Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb review. Download this game here.