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Game Review   2009-03-17


Amelie's CafeAmelie's Cafe - Individual Approach Works!

The new time-management game from BOOLAT Games and Alawar Entertainment presents nothing unusual or extraordinary, but it is still a very good yet traditional time-management title with pleasant graphics and friendly characters.

When something becomes your life's work, it's not easy to leave it. But one needs a break sometimes!

Amelie's CafeArthur Danford, Amelie's grandfather, has dedicated his whole life to running his small cafe. But now he is longing for a break, and who but his beloved granddaughter Amelie can take it up from him? Of course she agrees and comes to the not so thriving cafe to meet the cooks and serve as the most efficient waitress ever. Actually, that's the end of the story, so let's talk about the game mechanics.

Basically it's a time-management in its essence. You get a cafe with customers coming to your counter and cooks' tables where the food is prepared. And, of course, a waitress to run frantically among all the spots. The sequence of actions is rather easy. You click on the customer to learn the order, then go to the corresponding cook's table to give him or her the order, and then bring it to the customer. At the beginning you have three cooks - for burgers, pizza and fries, later on some more dishes are added so everything becomes more and more challenging.

Amelie's CafeBesides attending to the customers you'll have to clean the tables for your cooks from time to time, otherwise they won't be able to work. You'll have indicators near each table showing how much time you have before grabbing a brush, and you should watch them closely not to drive your customers mad.

You will also have a chance to earn rather powerful bonuses, but your have to be really quick for this. First you'll need to create a fast chain (just complete any several actions in a row very fast). Actually, several chains. For each such chain you'll get a bonus icon at the bottom of the screen. Collect three of your choice - voila! A brush cleaning all the tables at one, additional cash or patience increase for the customers - you decide which is more needed at the moment.

Every couple of levels you'll be able to select an upgrade for your cafe. Those are either a possibility to renew the interior or some skill improvement for your workers. The latter are much more useful, I should say.

So, choose between the Career and Survival modes and start having fun in Amelie's Cafe!

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Game Review   2009-03-17


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This is Amelie's Cafe review. Download this game here.