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Game Review   2009-07-20


AquapolisAquapolis - Build An Underwater World!

If you love fast-paced building strategy games like Build-a-lot or Be Rich!, you are likely to adore Aquapolis, a new title offering you addictive game play and gorgeous graphics.

Workers? - Sharks! Materials? - Coral! Blueprints? - Treasure maps!

AquapolisHave you ever wished to visit Atlantis, Galapagos and the Great Barrier Reef? Here is your wonderful possibility to explore eight awesome ocean locations, and, moreover, build and arrange them as you wish while completing tasks given to you by the stewards responsible for each area. If you manage to satisfy everyone and pass each level with expert efficiency, you'll be awarded with Keys of each Aquapolis - magnificent trophies proving you a real professional!

Actually, that is al about the story. But the story is nothing compared to the game play. If you played any of the numerous building strategy games released lately, you'll find yourself familiar with the mechanics. For each level you are given some goals and a deadline for fulfilling them, as well as some initial resources in the form of building lots, buildings, coral, sharks and clams (that's the underwater currency). All the basic principles of the genre are also here - before you can build anything you have to purchase a treasure map (substituting blueprints) for the construction, residential buildings bring you rent, etc.

AquapolisThe goals are also very diverse and at the same time rather typical for such games. You will be asked to build a certain number of certain constructions, reach a definite amount of rent,provide for the minimum level of your Aquapolis cleanliness or just have the necessary amount of money in your account.

But there are also some twists, for example, before you can build anything on a clear lot, you have to zone it into one of four possible categories, including Residential, Garden (yes, there are beautiful gardens underwater, didn't you know?), Commercial and Industrial zones. Zoning requires time and shark workers like any other action. If you suddenly change your mind and decide to build something else on the lot, you need to rezone it. It might be not really convenient, but it definitely adds some challenge to the game, as you have to think and plan your territory beforehand.

I could tell you much more about all the features of Aquapolis, but I think the best is to download the game and try it by yourself, exoecially taking into account the really masterful art that is a blessing for your eyes. So, what will your Aquapolis look like?

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Game Review   2009-07-20


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This is Aquapolis review. Download this game here.