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Game Review   2007-07-02


ArchipelagoArchipelago - More Than a Typical Match-3...


Archipelago is a challenging match-3 game from CTXM. You are to save the islands of Archipelago from the invading cubes.


The task for you is to match 3 or more cubes of the same color to make the certain number of cubes disappear. You are going to explore wonderful worlds and get the numerous awards.



Pop the required number of cubes at each level to save the invaded islands.


ArchipelagoYou start your way from one island of Archipelago to another.


The map shows you all the levels you are to go through at each place.


The islands were invaded by the color cubes that you are to pop.


The number of cubes to pop is displayed before each level.


The cubes are rotating and the new ones are added automatically as you pop them.


You can see the number of cubes left to pop above the screen. 


Do your best in popping the cubes to get all of the awards of the game.


ArchipelagoYou can get more then 20 awards according to your level summary.


And the level summary counts such things as combos, big groups, quick play and other. You also get Pidestals for each of the world such as the water world, air world, crystal world, fire world etc.


Depending on your success at each level, it can be of bronze, gold or silver.



The difficulty of the first levels contrasts greatly with that of the higher ones.


ArchipelagoThis match-3 game may seem very easy at first; but you won't think so as you progress.


You start with the task to pop 500 cubes and the new cubes are added not really fast.


So you can take your time popping the cubes.


It's even good to use your right mouse button to add the new cubes sooner.


But the situation changes as you get to higher levels.


The new cubes are added faster and in bigger quantities and in more various colors than it was in the previous levels. At higher levels you get the Panic button when you can not handle the rising cubes. And, believe me, the button is really helpful.


There are two modes in the game: Quest and Arcade. 


ArchipelagoThe game can be played in two modes: Quest and Arcade. In the Quest Mode you are to save all of the islands of Archipelago.


In the Arcade Mode is unlocked only after a few levels of the Quest Mode.


In this mode, you are to beat the target score. And later you can play more to improve your own results.


The game impresses with its really beautiful graphics, like a big ocean wave or melting lava.


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Game Review   2007-07-02


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