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Game Review   2010-03-18


Architect__Episode_1Architect: Episode 1 -2nd Chance For Humanity


Are there things you would like to start all over again? Sometimes that would be a great idea, but that's not quite possible. Fortunately, in this game the end does mean another beginning.


Architect: Episode 1 is the game where you start life all over again after destroying it. But how do you know that's going to work out this time?



According to Architect: Episode 1 people will succeed in destroying their own life and planet by 2185.


Architect__Episode_1You are in 2185 and there is a crisis on Earth. The enviroment is totally poluted and people need a new start, a new place to live.


Who could help them better than a Yale graduate? Here's where you come into the picture. By the way you are given a choice among the two graduates. Your choice will determine the difficulty level of the game too.


The game includes a tutorial where you are taught how the things work here. And you might be an expirienced simulation games player or just too smart, but you better take them seriously. You learn there the secrets of certain things whithout which you won't be able to get too far in the game.


The goal for every level is to get the biggest possible amount of points. You can stop after getting to the required number of points, but it means you won't get the fun of trying to figure out what to do to get those points.


Architect__Episode_1You will be given a certain area. You will see the items you can built on the left  and the places available for building will be highlighted. Building happens just by draging the items to the places you've chosen. You can change your mind and takethem to other places.


The most important thing here is to know what is better to be next to what. The best place for a house invreases the number of people living in it, which in it's turn increases the town status level, which is your goal.


You will go from county to county with about 10 levels in each. In between the building levels there are mini-games, where you connect the parts of a road. The music in the game is really nice. Even though it is repetative it is different from that in the most of the games.


The game was fun, but it may seem to be a bit not-one-of-a-kind for the fans of games like Buil-a-lot. 


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Game Review   2010-03-18


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