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Game Review   2008-12-26


Ashtons Family ResortAshtons Family Resort - All the Possible Comfort Globally!

Winter holidays are great time for going to a vacation with the whole family. Ashtons Family Resort is the perfect place to go! And a very nice time-management game to play if you are staying home these days.

Just married? Time to start your family business!

Ashtons Family ResortAfter they got married the Ashtons decided to take the unusual path and start their own business instead of going to a honeymoon. Actually, this decision was inspired by a treasure found during ordinary scuba diving... So, our heroes start their venture offering their customers a perfect place to have a rest and spend time with their families. And meanwhile they will take part in the campings contest and prove that Ashtons Family Resort is the best choice for a vacation!

As you might already understand, the basic game play of the game is time-management. You'll have families coming to your place, whose every need you'll have to satisfy if you want your tips - and if you want to succeed with your venture, you'll long for the most tips you can get. For each level you have two goals - one for tips, which depends on how efficiently you play, another for rent - this is comprised of the rent the families pay after they leave your camping and really does not depend on you much.

Ashtons Family ResortWith each new family you start by placing hem to a vacant cottage. After that they will request some services, like bringing basketballs, cleaning the place or fetching meat for barbecue. You have two heroes - the Ashtons, each fulfilling his or her tasks, so that sometimes you have one standing while other frenzied in a long queue of actions. This is not really convenient, but once you proceed to farther levels everything becomes more balanced - everybody runs without stopping for a single moment.

Besides regular tasks you'll also encounter some obstacles, like hares and racoons messing everything up unless they are scared in time. There are also some pests and storms when your equipment gets broken. All these will require your attention.

Ashtons Family ResortTime-management levels are alternated with mini-games where you build your own home by playing collapse levels. The goal there is to remove a definite number of tools or materials needed for creating the next design detail, like lawn or swimming pool. Unfortunately, you are not given any freedom in choosing what you wish to add to your residence. And in every location you start creating you family nest from the very beginning. Didn't I mention your business will be expanded to four regions in all parts of the world, each with its national peculiarities?

On the whole the game is very nice and a great choice for holidays with its bright colors, joyful team and engaging game play.

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Game Review   2008-12-26


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