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Game Review   2009-08-23


Autumn's Treasures - The Jade CoinAutumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin - Learn Your Grandpa's Secrets!

Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin, the new hidden object game, is a title that, though presenting nothing unusual in terms of game play, still has much value to offer to the fans of the genre.

An old antique store? I'm up for it!

Autumn's Treasures - The Jade CoinWhen Autumn's beloved Grandfather, whom she used to call Gramps, passed away, he left his old antique store to her. Of course, as it always happens in such games, she willingly took it up and decided to make it thrive even though at the first sight the business seems to be not exactly living through its best days. In plain language, it's in total decay. But Autumn is a determined girl, and she starts searching the shop in order to find some items that could bring some profit for the beginning. By chance she finds her grandfather's journal which, unfortunately, lacks a number of pages. The first page states that Autumn will find the Jade Coin - an ancient artifact of enormous value that belonged to her Gramps since she knew him - if she finds the remaining journal pages. Surely, she starts looking. Later in the game you will learn much more about the grandfather and his "friends" - and maybe find the Jade Coin!

Autumn's Treasures - The Jade CoinAs to the game play, it's rather well balanced. There is enough challenge for those who need it and enough help for those who want to make it easy. Once you come to a location you are given silhouettes of items to find and use. Most of the hidden objects are broken into parts, and if you hover your mouse over the silhouette, you'll see the image of parts to find. This can be very helpful, as there are, for example, lots of simple long parts that you'll have problems locating unless you know how they look. If you are still stuck, rechargeable hints are at your disposal.

After you find all the parts of an item, you should use it on the right spot. If you want, you may try to discover what it should be yourself. If not - just read the journal and it will tell you.

There are also some puzzle mini-games that can be skipped if you don't wish to play them. But the games are fun and I enjoyed them immensely. The visuals of the game are also worth mentioning, as the graphics is vivid and colorful.


So, I would definitely recommend Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin to all the fans of the hidden object genre.

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Game Review   2009-08-23


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This is Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin review. Download this game here.