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Game Review   2006-12-06


Believe In Santa - Action Game to Help Santa


Believe in Santa - Action Game to Help SantaDo you believe in Santa Claus? Then you are to help him. Because on the Christmas Eve millions of people are looking for presents for their relatives and poor Santa is run off his legs trying to satisfy them. Together with a team of elves you will be not only manufacturing presents but also serving customers!


When the visitor comes and is ready to make an order you'll see a picture of the toy he wants to buy over his head.


In the centre of the store you'll see a magic conveyor with a lever. Click on a lever and several toys will appear on the table. If none of the toys satisfies the customer's order click on a lever again and a new lot of toys will appear instead of the old one.


Pay attention that the toys on the table are not painted while the customer wants the colored ones! So you have to pass the toys to the elves to paint them.


Manufacture colored toys the customers orderTake a toy from the conveyor table and give it to the elf that has the paint you need. Give the toy and click on a jar of paint so that the elf knows which one to choose. Meanwhile, you can serve another customer not to waste your time.


Your elves can not only paint toys, but also decorate them with different accessories - umbrellas, flags, ribbons


Sometimes customers ask to pack a toy for them. You can find boxes on the shelf to your left - click on a box you need and you'll get it. Then give it to the customer.


There is one more feature in this game. Not every customer is ready to wait. To check their ‘cup of patience' look at ‘hearts' over their heads. A kind-hearted fat guy with a camera has almost saintly patience while a young sailor immediately looses his patience.  To bribe a customer, present him sweets or a postcard which can be found on the shelves on your right hand side.


The most important thing is that the time for the game is limited! During one level, i.e. one working day, you have to earn a certain sum of money, otherwise...


Elves help you to paint the toys and decorate them with accessories

Play with your ‘mouse'. Click on any item, for example on a toy on the conveyor-table and the salesgirl will obediently take the chosen object. Then click on the table of an elf and the girl will pass the toy to him. Then (which is important or your elf will be sitting twiddling his thumbs) click on a needed paint. When the process is over, click on a toy (to take it in your hands) and on a customer to give him his order.


The same elf is to paint and decorate one toy;  you can't ask an elf to paint the toy and other elves to decorate it with accessories. It's also impossible to repaint the toy, so you'd better be careful!


In case of «manufacturing defects» throw the toy into the box near the cards and sweets. One more tip - you can't work on few toys at one time.


Armed with these tips and tricks you can set off to Santa! Good game and merry Christmas!



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Game Review   2006-12-06


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