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Game Review   2007-02-27



All the vogue simulatorBelle's Beauty Boutique - All The Vogue Simulator


Download Belle's Beauty Boutique here


Belle believes that beauty will save the world and dreams of making the world a more beautiful place. That's why she decided to open a beauty shop, but the girl lacks experience in running it.



The point of the game is to help Belle to grow her beauty boutique by giving customers all kinds of beauty treatment.  


Give customers all kinds of beauty treatmentsThe concept is similar to that in Diner Dash, but instead of serving customers looking for a snack, one will be serving visitors keen on the latest fashion. As customers pop into a beauty shop, they want their hair to be cut or their nails manicured (an indicator over visitor's head shows what he/she wants). The shop has multiple beauty stations (chairs) - drag a visitor to the appropriate station and serve him/her as quickly as possible.


As in all games of this type, the tip rates depend directly on the visitor's mood (which depends, on its turn, on quickness of your service). When the customer is served, clean the chair by clicking on it. To complete the level, a definite sum of money should be earned before the shop is closed. If the required number of cash is earned before the time meter runs out, one has all chances to reach the Expert goal and score bonus points.



Click on the proper color of four colored wheelPay attention that providing someone beauty services involves playing a little mini-game with revolving four-colored wheel.


The point here is to click on the wheel when its arrow is on the color that the customer desires.


Be quick: the longer you have the wheel rotating, the smaller tips you'll get.



Customers of fashion boutique come not only for beauty treatment - they are looking for a good chat or even a little flirt.


If the beauty shop is successful enough, it will be visited by customers of different types: ladies, guys, gossip lady, grandma, the Super Star etc.  Apart from getting their portion of beauty treatment, they are looking for communication. Use our tips and tricks when offering stations to customers to get bonus points:

  • Customers are looking for a chat or even for a flirtdrag 2 customers wearing the clothes of the same color next to each other at the same kind of chairs. They'll be able to share gossips scoring you seating bonuses;

  • gossip Lady and Grandma are the most sociable: seat them in the middle of a row of stations so that they could gossip with people on both sides;

  • seat Guys and The Hawaiian Guy between 2 girls and have them flirt;

  • Seat The Gossip Lady next to The Gossip Lady or Grandma to earn the highest gossip bonuses in the game.

When the number of earned points is big enough, they can be spent on the shop upgrades.


Spend earned points on upgradesScored points are exchanged for shop upgrades, such as new windows or walls. Other upgrades include a magazine rack, spa treatments, TV and radio to please the customers or even tea to bribe them and earn their sympathy. Ultimately, an assistant can be hired for earned cash to assist you in managing beauty shop.

Belle's Beauty Boutique has rather simple, one may even say boring gameplay. 


Still, a few news tricks, such as gossiping and flirting, introduced to the game, make it stand among other micromanagement games. It features two play modes and a number of upgrades available as one proceeds through levels. The sound effects are funny and the graphic is cute (though a bit primitive). All in all, the game is definitely worth trying, especially by those who pretend to be connoisseurs of the last word in fashion.


Download Belle's Beauty Boutique here


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Game Review   2007-02-27


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Kitty  2007-03-02 23:43:51
i really love your game very much.But I want to create a another character not only belle?How do I do that/

kitty  2007-03-02 23:46:46
Hey!Where do I press to play?!?!

Carol  2007-03-04 18:31:36
There is a problem with this game. If you play the never-ending game (not the story mode) the score can only go up to 20,000 points and then it says "NAN". It was fun, but once you figure out the secret of winning (keep the old ladies in the middle of the hair washing station throughout the game), it is dull.

if you haven't played this you better listen to me and play that fun game! and you will never get off trust me p.s.  2007-03-17 14:16:14
it's fun!

voo  2007-06-25 15:27:35
please,if anybody have the crack please let me know ok
i try so hard but still i cant find the crack yet
if you have please share it ok

Blaine  2007-06-29 20:06:50
i haven't found a crack either,but can i see yours??

Jane  2007-04-17 04:33:58
Because i never played so fun game

stephanie  2007-04-28 15:40:21
Ho my god i love this game so so so sos os much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah  2007-05-07 06:28:28
has any1 found a crack yet...plz tell if u did or if u do find 1

kiki  2007-05-20 19:33:44
i can not find a crack for this game. .

Angie  2007-06-20 20:36:29
i havent found a crack for it either...keep me posted though please. thanks

$@DGur1  2008-05-21 21:38:56
Hey wuz up ma Homies well wutch u doin yall im just playin with yall! hey well this game looks like fun well i want to try it out but i dont kno were da play button is at!?!?!? HELP well um my nikname is Sadgurl it used to be snowflake but i changed it so call me sadgurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

$@DGUR1  2008-05-21 21:41:30
Hey wad up well who is angie cuz i have a friend in skool named angie is it u my mija as in other words my gurl cuz mija is gurl or daughter in spanish but i call her my gurl as in bff

kryslynn  2008-03-05 18:23:25
this game is sooooooooooooo cooool i mostly play it everyday!!!!!!!!

susan  2008-03-16 05:03:02

kryslynn  2008-03-05 18:19:17
tish game is tooootally cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hattie  2007-10-26 09:29:36
Where do i press play??
I wanna play?

brianna  2007-11-07 10:11:14
i love this game. itz sooooooooo fun

gaby <3  2008-07-09 15:48:48
do u have to download this game to play??????/ my mom says no more downloading for me sooo... do i have to? if not then where is the play button pleazeeeeee write back!

gaby <3  2008-07-09 15:50:14
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stacie!!!!  2008-08-17 09:17:34
OMG I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so totally fetch!

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