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Game Review   2007-04-24


Big City Adventure: San FranciscoBig City Adventure: San-Francisco Hits the Big Time 


Casual games have recently been trying to replace everything. This year the world saw there games that simulate TV quiz(Trivial Pursuit: Bring on the 90's Edition), books(Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile),  and fairy-tales (Fairy Godmother Tycoon). 


Meet the first excursion simulator based on the hidden object mechanics.



Big City Adventure by Jolly Bear Games is nothing but an interesting excursion to the city of San Francisco that comprises 20 highlights and gives you genuine look and feel of the City of Fog.


Cable Car CafeIf you expect to see another monotonous hidden-object clone, I have to disappoint you.


In this game hidden-objects locations contain animated elements just like in Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile


What's more important, the graphics itself is amazing.


Each location is created by professional hand with love and great sense of humor.


When hunting for the hidden objects in the Mexican restaurant, you'll feel like grabbing a burrito. In the make-up room of the Opera House you can nearly smell the aroma of powder.


Big City Adventur San FranciscoAnd when you find yourself on the crowded Market Square, you can hear the sound of the cable car bell and feel like having a hot dog.


In terms of difficulty this game is relatively simple. The time periods for each level are long enough not to make you replay each level for 10 times before you can memorize where all hidden objects are located. I'll tell you a secret: me, I've passed 6 locations in 1 hour being a mediocre detective in MCF.       


Hints are the most original thing about this game. Because all objects are relatively easy to find, you have to trace the hints among other hidden objects on the playfield (they look like golden coins).


Big City Adventure: San FranciscoSome hints indicate the area for hunting, just like in the MCF: Ravenhearst. Super bonuses allow you to see the location of all the objects you have not yet found. But you've got to be attentive enough to memorize them all at once.


And last, but not least, the game is stuffed with mini-games that allow you to train your memory, reaction and logics after the basic hidden-object experience.


Some mini-games are swap-n-match, some appeal to your memory (similar to Perfect Match at Dream Day Wedding), some are jigsaw puzzles like those that you play in MCF: Ravenhearst. So, high artistic value along with the diversified game play is what makes Big City Adventure: San Francisco another candidate to hit the charts across the world.



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Game Review   2007-04-24


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