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Game Review   2008-02-15


Big City Adventure SydneyBig City Adventure: Sydney, Australia - your airplanes departs NOW!

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia is a sequel of the popular game Big City Adventure: San Francisco by Jolly Bear Games published exclusively by Big Fish Games. This seek-and-find title preserves all the advantages of the first part and contains new features you are sure to appreciate. This time you will travel to Sydney together with the tourist family we met in San Francisco. With 76 locations around the city to explore and great mini-games to enjoy between the rounds you will keep playing for hours.

So, the journey starts in an airplane heading for the Green Continent, where our heroes can't wait for landing.

BCA: Sydney Scr.1 At the start of the game you will be offered to select a character which will accompany you throughout the whole game. The choice is rather wide - from grandpa to koala. Which one is you?

After arrival to the city you will find yourself at the first destination - the station. Before each new location your character will write somthing is his/her diary - a great
source of historical and cultural information on the city. The hidden object rounds are
quite predictable - you have a list of objects to find and a certain number of hints to help you. Hints and other helpful tools (for instance, additional time or points or a chance to discover several objects at a time) in the form of coins can be found during the levels.

Tip: look for helpful coins first thing on the levels. There are usually two of three of them.

BCA: Sydney Mini game There is also a feature many customers marked as really useful back in the first release of the series - when you click on an object you are not supopsed to look for, you get a sign that lets you know you are wrong. This will help you avoid multiple clicks on the same object if you are not sure whether you missed it or not.Bonuses for quick successive finds, unused coins and remaining time wait for you at the end of each round.

After you complete a hidden object level you will proceed to a mini-game (and there is a variety of them) where your main task is to reveal your next destination. Mini-games are real fun, especially the ones where you have to kick crocodile to gather pies from them. But if you do not enjoy these and are determined to concentrate on the seek-and-find part, later in the game you will have a chance to earn Skip Coins allowing you to skip a mini-game.

There is one more skip option. As some customers complained about excessive animation between the levels in the first game, the developers have added the Quick Continue button which lets you proceed to the next level without any delay.

The game is really a must-try. THe characters are funny, the graphics is beautiful, the historical references are informative and the gameplay is genuinely addictive. Our verdict - 5 stars!

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Game Review   2008-02-15


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This is Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia review. Download this game here.