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Game Review   2006-10-04


 Big Kahuna Reef: Chain ReactionBig Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction - Explosive Match3 Puzzle


In comparison to its prequel, the overall game plot of Big Kahuna 2 hasn't undergone any significant changes. 


As well as in the previous version, in Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction the point is to place three identical objects together and remove them from the playing field.

 Big Kahuna Reef 2: game fragment


Some of the items are locked in the wooden cells, so the final objective at each level is to remove all the cells of this type from the playing field. 


Normally, you are pressed on time, but you can extend it.


Just like in the previous version, a player may choose to play himself or in the multi-player mode called Mouse Party. 



Place three identical objects together and remove them from the playing Big Kahuna Reef 2: playfield field.


The Hawaiian music and most audio effects of the game have been preserved as well.


What's new? The number of game modes have changed. In new Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Action three more game modes have been added: Kahuna Quest, Tiki Quest, Tiki Challenge and Other Adventures.


Moreover, the game consists of 700 levels, while more puzzles can still be downloaded online.


But the main feature available in the newer version of     Kahuna is its impressive and astonishing video effects. 


As you match 5 identical objects, you prepare a bomb that explodes. 

   Big Kahuna Reef 2: View of Explosion

The explosion is followed by a bright flash, and graphical effects that are hard to describe with words.


To increase the difficulty of Big Kahuna puzzle, a developer has implemented the following trick: some puzzle items are locked with chains. As you release one of them, the other locked items may explode as well. So, you'll be witnessing a chain reaction of electrical flashes accompanied by the sound effect of explosion. Moreover, the graphical designers have made a good job by adding more awesome sea creatures to the game.


While playing, one can enjoy the view of 40 sea animals swimming, crawling and moving around the screen.


 Big Kahuna Reef 2: screensaver mode

Few words about the game modes: as always, you may enjoy the game in the timed (Action) and timeless(Relaxed) mode.


Kahuna Quest is the part of the game, providing everyone who's new to the game the basic experience of matching and removing the locked squares.


As always, you are pressed in time, however, you can extend it at each mode.


One review is surely not enough to cover all the bonuses, video effects and other notable features of the new version of the Big Kahuna Reef. So, give this game a try - and you will learn how gripping an underwater matching can be. Feel free to continue this review by posting your comment below.   

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Game Review   2006-10-04


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