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Game Review   2006-11-01


Download Birds on a WireBirds On A Wire - Bird-shooting Fun With No Animal Violence


As you launch Birds on a Wire for the first time, your eyes are first amazed at the following picture: cute and funny multicolored birds are stepping vigorously about the playfield.


In Adventure mode the bright flock of birds parades down the playfield with their eyes closed. Looks like a zombie march.                            

                                         Adventure mode

So, your mission is to set those poor bewitched creatures free by shooting them out with the birds of the same color. However, there's nothing cruel about the game as you should use a special canon for shooting. This very canon shoots with the same multicolored birds. As we see, the game principle is the same as the one of many other zuma-clones: shoot birds with the birds of the same color. But in fact, in Birds on a Wire, the whole process looks much funnier, and thus, turns out to be more engaging. Once the bird-missile reaches two or more birds of the same color in a row, all of them fly away from the playfield.


The crucial point is not to let the birds reach the wire stretched along the bottom of the playfield - or you will lose the game and will have to start over again.  


Shooter mode

Arcade mode of this game has likeness to  the well-known Zuma and Luxor. The birds move along their winding paths to reach the huge Bird with its beak wide open to swallow tiny innocent birdies. The only way to save them is to let them fly away by shooting them out with your bird-canon. So, once you spot two or more birds of the same color stepping one by one  - shoot them with the bird of them same color and see them fly away.    




You are also welcome to use the aiming device to make your shots perfectly accurate.  


Aiming device

Needless to say, with each level birds motion accelerates; plus extra bird species are added to the game. So, keep your eyes open wide, and click promptly. You are pressed on time at each level.


While playing  Zuma-like mode you will encounter few birds with a little surprise inside. Those are "show-stoppers" that make birds stop and take a nap for a while. One more good thing for a player are the birds that make the whole flock step backwards. After you rescue one more bird flock, you are given a jewel. Catch it before it reaches the bottom - so you'll get bonus score. Yeah, a tip before you start playing:


You'd better not shoot the black bird pushing the whole flock to the final trap.

Black bird


Put up with the fact it just cannot be removed from the playfield. Complete the level with due glory - and watch this bird capitulating from the playfield. 


One more thing - in Shooter mode you can earn an extra life by shooting the coins. As you get a certain number of coins at your disposal, you are awarded one more life, which motivates you to keep playing over and over again. 



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Game Review   2006-11-01


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Andrey  2006-11-01 03:44:13
Best game

Fernando  2012-10-12 21:15:49
Saw this awhile back and rellay liked it too. The other interesting point they made was that the newer pinball machines were competing against the previous years machines.Oddly, this doesn't seem to affect videogames as much due to the short lifetime and marketing effects (marketing for pinball was always aimed at the operators, not the players). With the exception of some online games, most videogames disappear within a few months.Arcades were already dying in 2000, so even with videogames machines replacing pinball machines in the arcades, their days were numbered.One other interesting difference between videogames I just thought of is did pinball machines ever increase in difficulty as you played them? Videogames (even in the arcades) generally started out "easy" and got progressively harder.I rellay want to try playing one of the pinball 2000 machines though just to see what a modern pinball machine looks like.

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