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Game Review   2008-01-15


Blood_TiesBlood Ties - Keep The Demon Locked


Blood Ties, developed by Shade Tree Games / GO! Games and published by Lifetime Games, is another hidden object game.


What makes if different is the fact that it's based on the Blood Ties TV show. So if you are familiar with the series based on the fantasy books by Tanya Huff and you actually like it you may find it fun to play the game.




The story behind the game follows the atmosphere of the TV show very well. You are to find the missing people in order not to let a demon to be set free.


Blood_TiesMeet the cast of the game - Vicki Nelson and Henry Fitzroy. In case you have no idea who they are, I'll make it clear for you.


Vicky used to work in police but now she is a private investigator, and Henry Fitzroy is a 450-year-old vampire, the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII, who is her co-worker in saving the world from ghosts, demons, zombies etc.


In this game, the case they are solving deals with the disappearance of several people. All the people belong to a secret society and each one of them has a fragment of a tablet that keeps a demon named Astaroth locked. All the pieces are to be put together once a year for the tablet to keep doing its job. So this fact makes it important to find all the kidnapped ones.


This hidden object game has no puzzle mini-games between the levels. It's all about sick-and-find. But often times it seems more than enough.


Blood_TiesThe game itself is all about seek-and-find process. You won't find any mini-games interrupting the levels.


It may seem to be boring but it would be good news for those who hate those puzzle mini-games that you can't even skip often times.


Every level of the game is preceded by the case file on the person you are trying to find. Then you are to visit several locations in each level.


The rules are very typical - click on all the items you have on the list. There's a hint button that is being recharged when you click on the special icons.


The game is quite challenging and you get more of a challenge when several things on the screen represent a word on the list. So clicking on all of them reveals the right one. And remember that you get fined for random clicking.


If I got you interested enough to try this game then there's one more thing I have to tell you. You have to give up the expectations of getting a lot of Vicki and Henry if you know what I mean. The game lacks a little bit of their dialogues, for example, which can be important for those who tries the game because of their love for the TV series. But you can definitely keep the expectation to play a good challenging hidden object game.


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Game Review   2008-01-15


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