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Game Review   2010-10-29


Campfire Legends Babysitter IntroCampfire Legends: The Babysitter


Have you ever spent an evening telling the thrilling stories and sitting by the fire? You should definitely try on the Halloween! Even if you don't have an opportunity to go camping and have decided to stay at home, you still can play a new thrilling hidden object game by GameHouse Studios and Absolutist – Campfire Legends: The Babysitter. This is a second title of the trilogy, so don't get upset when you finish it: there is another one on the way! And now take your place around the campfire, surrounded by the girls that you've met in the previous game Campfire Legends: The Hookman, if you played it, of course.



Every task in the game is intuitively clear and you're not supposed just to search the objects due to a list. The items are not haphazard, all of them are used in the game.


Campfire Legends Babysitter KitchenThis time you're going to listen to the story of a young student of the medical school, who really needs to get the recommendations from her Dean. So that the girl decides to babysit the kids of the Dean. But sometimes the children might occur even worse than the scariest nightmare...


From the very beginning things went wrong. The babysitter was frightened by a dog so that she dropped her purse. To find all her belongings and put them back will be your first task. When you finally get into the house it turns out to be even grimmer than it looked outside. Mainly it is due to its neglected state. Almost in the doorway the mom of the twins warns you, that one of the girls has a rare disease and her skin looks a little bit strange. I think, being puzzled with that information the babysitter might have even dropped out that the sickness is not infectious.


Campfire Legends Babysitter PuzzleThe key feature of the game is that playing for the babysitter you have to follow up the story and there is much of adventure in it. When you get to know that your character wants to watch the TV, you have to do it for her. So you go to the living-room (as this is the most probable place for the TV-set to be) and look for the remote control to switch it on. But as soon as you manage the situation the twins appear. You know, being devoured with the gameplot personally I got truly frightened by the barking dog at the beginning and then scared by the kids. Actually the gils must have been sleeping already, but to get them into their beds you have to make a hot cocoa first. The situation is not at all easy as the children want you to leave their house immediately. They just want you to be there and that's it. It's not a good sign, isn't it? Your night is going to be really endless... as soon as you repair something broken you need to clean something and when you've done with that you have to catch the lizards that have run away somehow...


Campfire Legends Babysitter HOGThe thing that I enjoyed is that every task is intuitively clear and you're not supposed to search the objects just due to a list. The items are not haphazard, all of them are used in the game. And you can find them in the proper places. The medicines are in the bathroom and milk is in the fridge that stays in the kitchen. But be careful, sometimes the objects are too tiny or you may see just a piece of the needed item.


You'll find some puzzles in the game as well. They are skippable but many of them are worthy to try as they are unique and well-designed, though sometimes challenging.


The hint system is much alike to the one that was in the previous game of the series. You need to find fireflies that can be used as the hints then. By the way now it will take you only 3 fireflies to skip the puzzle instead of five that were needed before. Fireflies are scattered around all the locations and may appear in the same place again and again. So you can leave the place and then enter it once again to find them there.


Campfire Legends: The Babysitter is an example of an excellent story and execution. And these two characteristics are rare to be found in one game. If you're ready to tickle your nerves it's your chance!


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Game Review   2010-10-29


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