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Game Review   2008-10-06


Cassandra_s_Journey__The_Legacy_of_NostradamusCassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus


Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus is a new mysterious hidden object game from Big Fish Games.


The game is very much of a good olds eek-and-find: charismatic characters, hidden-object levels, intriguing story, various mini-games and even magic and a fortune-telling room.



The game features two modes: Timed and Relaxed.


Cassandra_s_Journey__The_Legacy_of_NostradamusFrom the very first moment you get the idea that the game is all about magic and stuff like that. The whole atmosphere of the game just so mysterious.


The graphics are done very attractively and the sounds render the mystic spirit. Even though there was something irritating about one repetetive sound at a certain stage that even made me turn the sound off.


In the main menu, you can shoose the mode which suits you best - Timed or Relaxed.


I guess the names of the modes give a good idea of what it might be. There is also a Fortune-Telling Room. You can get advice or warning there, but it only works once at a time and then the magic thing needs to be recharged.


Cassandra_s_Journey__The_Legacy_of_NostradamusThe story begins when a lady comes to Cassandra asking her to find her missing brother.


Cassandra is willing to but she doesn't have much of experience and she needs her grandmother's ring for success.


The ring is somehow lost and she starts searching for it first. Then the spirit of Nostradamus appears to help her and show you a few tricks.


The hidden-object levels will be very clear about what to do for those who are familiar with the genre. You get the list of items to find and go ahead with the searching.


Sometimes the items are not just written at the buttom but are given in the form of silhouettes, for example. 


There are three types of hints that you can use. You get more of each buying them for the gems that are all over the seek-and-find screens.


The game also offers a great variety of mini-games and the fun thing is that they all somehow have to do something about the story of the game.



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Game Review   2008-10-06


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This is Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus review. Download this game here.