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Game Review   2010-08-12


Charm Tale 2 - Mermaid LagoonCharm Tale 2 - Mermaid Lagoon - Going Underwatter


Even if you haven't played the first game, Charm Tale, the title of this one still clearly implies that it is a sequel. 


But luckily for those who haven't heard of, seen and played the original game there is not much connection between the games, and no extra knowledge needed to play Charm Tale 2 - Mermaid Lagoon.



Being so different from its predecessor isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Charm Tale 2 - Mermaid Lagoon

In the first Charm Tale you were to  fit pieces of all kinds of shapes into larger mosaics in order to free the Fairyland creatures while watching for special pieces of an ancient artefact in order to put it back together.


In the sequel from RealArcade what was in the past doesn't matter. Here your task will be gem-matching where players have to match at least three gems of the same color by dragging their mouse across them until a status bar reaches full capacity.


In this game you are to play as Dorothy, who goes under the sea to find the Sea King daughter. The girl goes there without extra oxygen cause she goes easily without it under the water. If you ask why, play till the end the answer to this question will also answer other questions.


Charm Tale 2 - Mermaid LagoonSo the girl goes and meets with different sea residents. Each meeting is separated by a number of match-three levels.


While matching the gems on the board, big gems pop up on the when eight or more gems are matched. Match the big gem with at least two other like-colored gems of any size to turn the big one into seven small ones.


Other unusual gems are clear and rainbow-colored gems. A clear gem can substitute for whatever color is needed. Rainbow gems let you match gems of two different colors. If you   match six or more, you get a coin which they can pick up to add it to your collection. In between levels, players can buy power-ups (24 in all to choose from) with the coins, and sell artifacts they've found in chests that randomly appear on the board.


The game is really good with its challenges and the audio-visual wrapping.




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Game Review   2010-08-12


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This is Charm Tale 2 - Mermaid Lagoon review. Download this game here.