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Game Review   2010-12-02


Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention


Chronicles of Albian The Magic Convention IntroHigh in the mountains of Albian sits the age old Albian Castle, home of Gwendolyn the Fairy Godmother and site of the site of this year’s Convention of Magical Masters. This is the first time Albian Castle will host such an event and taking into account that it is many centuries old the Castle really needs some reparations. 42nd Centennial Convention will gather the most powerful wizards, sorcerers and magicians alike in only a few weeks time. So Gwendolyn is really busy with the preparations and needs some help. That is why she addresses you and invites you to come to her place. Actually the game starts for you as soon as you exit the carriage…


Collecting the money makes sense not only in real life but also in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention.


Chronicles of Albian The Magic Convention Art RoomChronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention is a typical hidden object game. You’ll visit the different locations of the Castle such as Art Room, Wine Cellar or the Armoury in order to pick up different items due to the given list, sweeping up a mess. The list usually consists of 15 items, but they are not shown altogether at once. When you find an object another one appears in the least instead. You earn some money for finding the items. The quirkier you work, the more money you get. You receive some bonuses for the finding some items in a raw. And the money you need for the castle’s restoration. But we’ll go back to that point of the game later.

The types of the HOG-scenes modify. In some places you’re given a task just to find 10 of a kind. For example the cook Bernadette will kindly ask you to find 10 fruits in the kitchen. Some of the objects listed will appear during the process of your search. When you enter a location some items are not shown, but suddenly they arrive to their places. Be careful with the random clicking. The punishment for that is a roaming cursor for a while.

Chronicles of Albian The Magic Convention PuzzleSome of the objects will repeat in different locations. But if in one place you’re asked to find a bicycle or pawn in another location you’ll see them again right the same way they looked before but you’ll not need them due to a list. Actually sometimes the items in the lists repeat as well…

Apart from the objects listed you’ll be requested to find gems. That will bring you some extra money. Be prepared that the items’ names will be rare such as centipede or goblet.

The hint system is not usual. You’re provided with 3 hints from the very beginning. But then you’ll need to find hidden wands to fulfill the amount of hints. Besides you may look for the fairies. If you find one, it will remove one of the objects from your list. By the way, if you use a wand, you may point the name of the item you need to be found, while fairy removes any from a list using its own discretion.

Chronicles of Albian The Magic Convention Compare Two PicsCollecting the money makes sense not only in real life but also in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention. As you have to renovate the Castle you need some money to be payed for that. You can earn some money solving the puzzles (to tell the truth, it was the easiest way for me, as the puzzles are quite easy). But usually you get the money in the local magic shop brining there the objects you’ve found during the HOG-scenes.

The shop is owned by a really nice guy called Fitz. As Gwendolyn told, he was either Patrick Fitzgerald or Gerald Fitzpatrick… Fitz reminded me of the leprechauns. That is no wonder why he is always ready to pay for the junk you bring – the leprechauns are well-known for the gold treasures they keep.

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention has two modes – relaxed mode and time mode. The difference between them is rather obvious on the assumption of the mode names. The introduction of the game has a voice over. And as a bonus you get the wallpapers. The graphics of the game reminded me of the Disney’s cartoons. It is bright and vivid. So the wallpapers can bring your mood up if you’re a fan of the old good cartoons.


The game has a nice game plot – everything is logical and this is not just a bundle of the HOG-scenes. And it is replete with the magic atmosphere of fairies and goodness. Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention might be a really nice choice for a family circle for the Christmas Eve!

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Game Review   2010-12-02


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