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Game Review   2008-01-04


Cradle_of_PersiaCradle of Persia - Match-Tree The Foundation




Cradle of Persia from Awem Studio is a terrific sequelk to Cradle of Rome. This match-three hit puts you in the shoes of the founder of Persia.Step by step you lay the foundation of its cities and are responsible for its growth.



You are to play match-three levels in order to get the money you can then spend in the shop on the buildings for the city.


Cradle_of_PersiaThere's no long story before the game and you get to work from the very beginning.


You are to play match-three levels in order to get money and other stuff like food and materials in order to lay the foundation of the lands.


You are shown the map of different places you are to go through, like Archaemenid Empire, Hellenistic Persia, Land of Aladdin or Mangol Rule.


When you are done with the first level you are introduced with a shop where you can get different buildings for the city.


The better you play the match-three games, the more money you get, and the better buildings you can afford.


Cradle_of_PersiaWhen you get to the shop you can see the buildings available for this place.



For example, for the first place you buy things like Spring, Joiner's Shop or Village. And you can see how all this things appear on the empty landscape.


There's an eye icon on the screen all the time. Clicking on it you can get to the landscape and see how far you are.


You can use the available power-ups as you destroy the corresponding items on the board.


Cradle_of_PersiaThe matching levels are quite classic. You are to match three or more items in order to make them disappear.


Your task for every level is to destroy all the stones or other blocks. There are special power-ups that you can get on the board.


For example, dynamite is one of those. All the power-ups are placed at the bottom of the screen. You get to all of them level after level.


You can use them as you fill up the bars of them at the bottom by making the corresponding items disappear on the board. There's also a time bar on the right.


There are also bonus levels in the game. You may need to burst as many items on the board as you can with a limited number of moves. To be short the game has all a match-three game must have.

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Game Review   2008-01-04


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This is Cradle of Persia review. Download this game here.