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Game Review   2007-02-26


Cradle of RomeCradle of Rome - a puzzle-strategy mix



Have you ever visited Olympus - the legendary home of Greek gods?


You've got a great opportunity to do this just by playing a new game by Awem Studio Cradle of Rome...


Produced not so long ago (just in February) this game can make you feel all advantages of world's evolution and become an Emperor as you complete a match-three puzzle.


Cradle of RomeThe game features picturesque playing background of the ancient Rome in each epoch (there are 5 of them, generally).You'll be offered to swap and match the adjacent tiles on the playfield (containing coins, leaves, bugs e t. c.). Thus, you can score points and earn bonuses in.


The time for each level is limited and is displayed  in the bottom right corner as a water jar.


The time you've saved at each level gives you additional bonuses and can be used in the next level. Be ready to hurry, otherwise you'll lose your life if the time runs out before you pass the level.


You are to move from one epoch of Roman history to another overcoming 40 levels on each stage and collect assets for creating a great Empire.


Cradle of Rome playfieldDue to the score you earned and bonuses (that are transformed into your belongings) you can get yourself buildings, food, necessary equipment, and citizens into your settlement.


At each level you can choose the contents of tiles to match. You can choose from money, gold, food, weapon or something else.


You'll have to constantly keep the balance between earning more money or getting yourself more food. But if you find the balance and do this properly, the incredible city full of inhabitants will grow in your eyes. But don't forget you should win popular and respect with the citizens, otherwise they won't make you an Emperor.


The game requires from you considerable attention. Be sure not to miss different power-ups such as the Hammer, Lightning, Bomb, Hourglass.


Cradle of Rome screenshotThe great pro of the game is the fact it combines classical match-3 game play with strategy. 


Upon each level you'll be offered to expand your city with more buildings, get yourself some goods and food. Thus, you can gradually see your city grow and contribute in construction of such highlights as Coliseum and Pantheon.


Rather lovely music of the game makes you relax while playing.


Despite being only one-mode game, Cradle of Rome is fairly worth of gamer's attention and will be warmly accepted by match-3 puzzle fans.  


Cradle of Rome playfield  Tips and tricks for Cradle of Rome


1. Match four or five tiles in a row to get more resources.

2. The quicker you finish the level the larger time bonus you receive.
Time bonuses add to the resources you need the most.

3. New buildings give you tiles that are worth more and provide more gold, supplies and food.

4. Your achievements will be awarded with bonuses - small inhabitants of Rome will appear in the City and bring you additional benefits.

5. Right clicking the buildings in the City shows you more information about what each building gives you.

6. The faster you build the City the more chances you have to get to Olympus at the end of the game. Don't lose your chance to visit the home of the Roman Gods!


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Game Review   2007-02-26


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