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Game Review   2009-07-17


Create A MallCreate A Mall - Your Shopping Empire!


Ready for a new business project? Then launch a new time management game Create A Mall and penetrate into the world of fashion, glam and success! It's your chance to make a good career and  swim in money! Don't waste time! Start working and you will be awarded!


Create A MallLife gives us a lot of opportunities, but not all the people use them. Listen to your heart and make your dream of launching a network of shopping malls come true! Stop admiring someone else! Make other people admire you! All you need is to prepare your skills in hardworking, creativity and desire to tend to the best! Roiworld will help you with the rest, especially with initial capital. That's why don't hesitate! Your goal is to open a new shopping mall and astonish other people. For this you should make a list of your actions as there will be a lot of work layed upon you.  First of all you are to find the best plan of your first store. By the way, have you already decided what kind of store will it be: a shoe store, jewelry or clothes store? Yes? Then start finding workers. During the game you will train your skills in management as you will hire more and more people, give them instructions and check the work done. Hope, you will be able to select only the best workers and your new building will not be demolished and reconstructed. Then you should choose a place and make them build your first store! When everything is complete, you will start receiving revenue from the store! And again, you will be involved into the vortex of events: buying plans of the new stores, choosing a territory for building, hiring new workers and  purchasing the raw materials.

Create A MallCertainly the new stores will be working on you. But in order that they bring you more revenue, you should periodically upgrade and modernize them. Try that every your store get 5 stars. In this case your revenue will be doubled in several times according to the quantity of stars. Also you should watch your daily income. If it will not reach a definite ammount, you will have to replay the level. Your daily income is displayed on the screen, so that you could trace its every change. Once you have  some stores in place, you will get more money each time the progress bar is full.

Building the new stores is not the only way of increasing your income. You can also purchase for the stores you already have. Don't forget to watch the popularity of your stores. You will only help your business by increasing the popularity and variety of stores.

Did you get tired? Then welcome to your personal office! Here you can take a rest from  work and take a look at your awards. Relax and go shopping in order to buy some stuff for yourself. A lot of jewelry, shoes and clothes are waiting for you to buy!

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Game Review   2009-07-17


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seberu  2012-07-18 06:55:11
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