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Game Review   2017-02-24


Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

 Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition


Domini Games have put an interesting twist on the Shakespeare'swell-known love story. Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition is a great hidden object game and a new adventure for the lovers as they fight for the love and peace to continue! It is truly a great addition to the series.



If you love the characters and the story as a whole, you are going to love the fact that you play as both Romeo and Juliet. 


Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

In this new version of how things went, you learn that the two families did manage to make peace and the couple was getting ready to get married. But here comes a new danger to this wonderful plan. A ghost from the past is trying to keep the two families at war forever. You know how some people say that when a couple tries to fix their home on their own, it is going to be a real test for the relationships? When Romeo and Juliet have their own kind of tests that will show if they can work together as a couple on a project. And their project is their own destiny.


Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

If you love the characters and the story as a whole, you are going to love the fact that you play as both Romeo and Juliet. And the bonus game gives you a chance to play as Mercutio. So, if one of them is your favorite, you get to play as them and don't have to be stuck with somebody else.


Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet

There are the typical for the HOPA games four modes of difficulty (Casual, Advanced, Hardcore, and Custom). You get to adjust the hints and skips(15-90 seconds). You have Strategy Guide and a map is provided as you play! This will have you move around and proceed if you get stuck.


The game has quite a few collectibles for you: 89 (whoah!) coins, 11 masks, and 13 scrolls. But with such an abundance of collectibles come a bar that shows if you have collected all of them in every scene (helpful!). The hidden object scenes are outnumbered by the puzzles, but the ones that you do have here are fun and beautiful (yay for the hand-drawn graphics!). They come in a good variety. Some are the multi-step ones. The puzzles are pretty good, too. And they come in two modes of difficulty to accommodate the players of different levels. 16 of them are available for replay.


Don't forget about all the media extras that you get with this collector's edition of the game!



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Game Review   2017-02-24


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This is Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet review. Download this game here.